WeLL System Status

Wed Sep 15 14:39:35 PDT 2010

All systems are up and running normally.

On Tuesday, September 7, we shut down one more insecure method of accessing The WELL when we disabled FTP on well.com and www.well.com. You now must use SFTP (Secure FTP) to manage the files you upload to your home and Web directories on The WELL.

SFTP is nearly identical to FTP, with the exception that SFTP securely encrypts the connection. The commands are mostly the same, and, if you have a GUI client, you can probably continue to use that client - most GUI FTP clients let you select SFTP or FTP in the settings area.

If you use a command line FTP on your system (such as on a Mac), there's a good chance that there is also a command line SFTP installed. Using SFTP in such cases is usually as simple as just replacing the "ftp well.com" command with "sftp MYLOGIN@well.com". Once you're connected, the commands will likely be the same. Please consult the System Status topic in the News Conference for more information.