Creek News

What has been happening with creeks and the creeks page lately?

29 January 2005
I found a way into the deep canyon on Cerrito Creek between Berkeley and Kensington.

24 October 2004
Bits of Marin and Codornices creeks have been rehabiliated during construction of the new Albany Target store.

10 August 2003
Temple Beth El has restored their segment of Codornices Creek into a beautiful pool-and-drop canyon.

1 October 2002
Someone has painted a beautiful mural in the empty lot next to Codornices creek at Kains.

11 August 2002
A previously brush-choked lot on Codornices Creek at Cragmont has been cleared.

5 July 2002
Took new photos of the fake creek between Hardy and Clark, since now there is actually water in it.

18 March 2002
Added a beautiful turtle picture to Jewel Lake.

8 February 2002
Ran across Temescal Creek Park.

18 November 2001
Finally got back to Strawberry Creek's Star of David Bridge to take a good picture of the star.

15 November 2001
Took some more pictures of Codornices Creek in Benner Canyon, not so contrasty this time.

9 July 2001
Found another exposure of Cerrito Creek, at Spokane.

20 June 2001
First edition of the creeks page is complete.

8 June 2001
Started taking pictures and data for the creeks page.
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