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Island 7: East Brother Light Station by LooneyTunes, 07dec2002 1pm
I love this area. Too bad so much of it is behind fences, I would have liked to take more pictures. I did, however, have a nice lunch at the cafe at the end of the road. Left a velociraptor coin, took a Mexican 50 centavos piece.

Berzerkley Superman by georgeandmary, 25nov2002 11pm
Once I got the clue it was an easy find. Duh. I had to bike around the block before replacing it, though, cause an aggressive panhandler was watching me very closely.

Hidden Presence, 25nov2002 9am
A fairly easy cache in Berkeley's Aquatic Park.

Berkeley Hills Sketchbook by Team PaulWhy, 24nov2002 2pm
An easy find. As others have mentioned, the paint is flaking off the top; however, with the rainy season approaching, the bushes and grass should grow enough to hide the box better. I only know how to draw one thing, a cartoon dog, so I drew that.

El Toyonal, 11nov2002 2pm
Another fairly easy cache in the Berkeley hills.

bell weather boat by Catherine, Jonathan, Jessie, Jeremy, Vicky, Charly, 01sep2002 4pm
Definitely would not have found this one without the hint, it's nearly invisible. Good hiding place! Left a stegosaurus coin, took some Wisconsin Classic pasteurized process cheese spread with bleu cheese, which I promptly ate.

Angel Island Retreat by Sierra Club Web Team, 01sep2002 1pm
Found this one without using the GPS, since it was lying open outside the hiding place. See before & after photos (warning, spoilers). This cache may be too easy to find, perhaps it should be relocated a little further off the main road. Left an apatosaurus coin, took a carved wooden tiki head by

Stock Market CrACHE in Twin Peaks by lost_bracelet, 24aug2002 7pm
In the middle of a gale of fog making everything drippy wet, I had to wander around for a while to figure out which patch of brush had the cache in it. I should have remembered the standard geocaching trick: look for the packed-down spot where all the previous geocachers sat down to trade goodies. Left a plastic bunny squeeze toy, and ate a toffee.

CityCache1_V2 by Scott Hassan, 24aug2002 6:45pm
At the top of the hill there was a gale of fog blowing, but the few feet down to the cache was enough to provide some shelter. Even so, I didn't stay up here any longer than necessary. Took a soccer coin, left a tarantula sliding puzzle.

Aloha Forest? Here? by Toxic, 24aug2002 6pm
Foggy and dripping wet up here today. I slipped and fell on my butt going down the little trail to the cache, but no damage. Took a green whistle, left an allosaurus.

It's Sew BIG! by MAP, 24aug2002 5pm
Nice little trail here, and I think I found the spot mentioned in the hint, but I didn't find the cache.

The Photographer's Cache V by Markwell, 24aug2002 4pm
The request was for 710 Ashbury Street, former abode of some musical group. The weather was foggy, which is not what you want for photographing colorful Victorians, but I think the shots came out ok after a little enhancement.

KLANDVIA, 11aug2002 7pm
Placed an easy cache in the Berkeley hills.

SF-51C, 28jul2002 3pm
Re-visited SF-51C to swap cameras. In the cache description I suggested banging on the metal dome over the cache in case a rattlesnake was inside. Well I followed my own advice, and dang if I didn't see a little snake tail whipping out from under the dome. I lifted it, and a beautiful garter snake zoomed off into the bushes. I managed to get a picture before it disappeared. Then I settled down to swap the cameras, only I couldn't find the old camera! Dunno what happened to it, maybe someone else took it in to be developed. Anyway, there's a fresh camera in the cache, and perhaps the pix from the old camera will turn up. Oh, and I took a golf ball.

Leona Seilbahn, 20jul2002 3pm
Placed a cache in the Oakland hills.

SFO Mini 2 by AAflyR, 07jul2002 2:30pm
The new SFO Mini is perfect, you can search for and retrieve the coin in the middle of a crowd of tourists and no one will suspect anything. Well done. It took me little while to find because there are, uh, eight possible locations and I didn't find it until the fifth. And I was being very nonchalant, which takes time you know. But on the fifth try, there it was!

Say Hey! by EmptyP, 07jul2002 1pm
Coordinates were spot on. After logging the visit I took some pictures of the nearby Guzzler.

Oakland Mole by bthomas, 05jul2002 2pm
Looked for half an hour, didn't find it darnit. This is a great area to wander around though. There were a couple of old UP railcars ("Stanford" and "Sunset") on the siding next to 7th St., attended by a couple of security guards. Must have been someone having a party.

New Stinky by Chris Juricache, 05jul2002 1pm
Finally found this one, on like my fifth try (not all logged). This time the coordinates were dead on. Left a UC Berkeley "Crime Biter" badge from Volcanic Labyrinths; took a plastic squeeze bunny.

I'm Stuck Cache by Just a Short Walk, 15jun2002 10am
Found this while in Monterey for the Usenix convention. The cache was only 350 feet from the conference center! Nice hiding job. The box is a little full, maybe bring smaller coins. Took a generic quarter and an Indian 5 rupee coin; left a South Carolina quarter and a nickel I found this morning.

Sniff / Safe Deposit, 01jun2002 4pm
Since Sniff has gone a few months without being plundered, I added some more interesting items to it, including a camera.

New Stinky by Chris Juricache, 17may2002 7pm
With the clue and Chris's slightly revised coordinates, I still didn't find it. The center of my GPS's wanderings seemed to be the pictured triangular rock.

New Stinky by Chris Juricache, 15may2002 7pm
Tried this one cold, without looking at the photos or hint. Looked under a lot of things in the area, but no joy. I checked GPS accuracy on the nearby old Stinky site and it was 50 feet off, so maybe it was just a bad GPS evening. Since it's only a half mile from my house, I'll try again soon.

The Short and Winding Road by surfcal, 05may2002 5pm
A great spot, off the usual tourist trails. I had been up here once before at night, on a drunken sliding expedition. It's nicer in the daylight. Left a clear yellow faceted superball, took a bunch of euro coins.

Star Gazer by Buzbon, 20apr2002 7pm
Wow, this is a great park which I'd never been to before! Very bike-friendly, too. The GPS was jumping around in 90-foot increments, but I still managed to find the cache fairly easily by using my head. Took/left nothing, then continued riding down the beautiful trail.

In The Rocks by Aaron, Richard, and Diane, 20apr2002 5pm
Very nice rocks! Took a tin of little chocolate candies, left a small black pocketknife.

Can't Get There From Here, 20apr2002 4pm
Placed a cache in the Oakland hills.

Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge by Chris Juricache, 13apr2002 3pm
At last, the real Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge cache! As soon as I saw it on the web site I zoomed over to snag it. There aren't really that many places to hide something near this bridge, it's kind of seamless. Chris picked a reasonable spot. I didn't take anything, although I leafed through some of the comix. Left a blue anodized mini-carabiner.

Meadow Muffin by Choberiba, 30mar2002 5pm
Great spot. I guess I took the long route, spiralling around clockwise from below. Took a Red Devil fireworks POG, left a rainbow star mini-slinky..

If you go east about 100 feet to the top of the hill, you can find the "CITY OF RICHMOND / BELGUM TRIANGULATION STATION".

Risu no Uchi by Choberiba, 23mar2002 4pm
Nice hiding place. However, there is indeed poison oak sprouting up all around the area. Seekers beware. Took a Mike Wazowski wind-up figure, left a large scarlet rubber die.

Four Color Cache by Chris Juricache, 23mar2002 3pm
No joy on stage two. Very bad GPS juju - it said I was within 3 feet of the cache at six widely separated locations.

PLAIN SIGHT by ca_surveyor, 08mar2002 5pm
Snagged stage two. Very cleverly hidden!

Mission Clay Tile Works, 08mar2002 3pm
Placed a cache at an old brickyard in Niles Canyon.

ETREXABLE 118 Bike Ohlone Greenway by Etrexably Me, 06mar2002 2pm
At the request of Stan&Ruth, I visited to check if this cachoon is indeed gone. Yep. I left a Morph's Outpost sticker instead, but basically this cache should be archived.

XIII, 02mar2002 3pm
Placed a fairly difficult mini-cache near Lake Temescal.

Sniff / Safe Deposit, 22feb2002 4pm
Placed a new ammo box at Sniff / Safe Deposit.

PLAIN SIGHT by ca_surveyor, 20feb2002 3pm
Using the first-level clue on ca_surveyor's web site I was able to find the correct brass disk for stage one. Very nice hiding spot! Now to get the obscured decimals via email, and then on to stage two.

A Hole In The Air, 20feb2002 2pm
Placed a cache down near the Port of Oakland.

Four Color Cache by Chris Juricache, 12feb2002 4pm
I snagged stage one of Four Color on my way home from prepping a new cache of my own. Didn't have time to go for stage two today. Hmm, where is it... Hey! I think it's in a spot where I wanted to put a cache! :-)

Hole In One, 10feb2002 4pm
Opened my 2002 Geocaching season by placing an easy cache in the Berkeley hills.

PLAIN SIGHT by ca_surveyor, 08feb2002 4pm
Like Chris I found a brass disk but it was two or three times larger than what was described, and not helpful. ?

Ex Libris by LooneyTunes, 08feb2002 3pm
After my previous unsuccessful search for Ex Libris, LooneyTunes went to check on it and assures me it's still there, and that I was looking in the right place. I looked again and still found nothing! I suck!

YABA Treasure Hunt Hint #2 by Alexandra Fiona Dixon, 08feb2002 2:15pm
Easily found. The cache is in fine condition. Took a shinier Asian 10-something coin; left a Lotto scratcher that I won using a scratcher found in the GPS poker game at Two Two Two.

Sounds of the Bay by shirleymac, 08feb2002 2pm
One of my favorite spots. The container had wet sand on its top, which I rinsed off, and a little water inside. I'm guessing it gets splashed at high tide. Took a picture and an Asian 10-something coin; left a metallic-blue yin-yang mini-carabiner.

SFO Mini by AAflyR, 08feb2002 11:30am
Very clever hiding place. No way would I have found it without the clue. Even with the clue I was looking right at the spot and didn't see anything. I didn't have any goodies small enough to fit, so I'll return another time with a pin or foreign coin to trade.

Two Two Two by blscearce & Choberiba, 02feb2002 1pm
A nice meeting cache in a wonderful park that I don't get to often enough. Photos here.

Ex Libris by LooneyTunes, 31jan2002 7pm
I didn't find anything between 526.6 and 526.8. The area looked appropriate though. Perhaps a vigilant yvoenevna spotted and removed the cache?

By the way, assuming I'm not totally off in where the cache should be, I make the coordinates more like N 37 46.736 W 122 24.952.

Tilden Cleft by Chris JuriCACHE, 20jan2002 3pm
Nice cleft! I think the vegetation right next to the trail is poison oak, though. I could be wrong, it's hard to identify in the winter.

I left a Space Songs CD and took two arcade tokens.

If you take the trail to the south, at the highest point there's a nice labyrinth. N 37.894052 W 122.23462 or so.

No eGrets by Choberiba, 12jan2002 11pm
I happened to see that Choberiba had moved and renamed Surface Tension earlier today, so I biked over and bagged it after dark. The box was too small to hold the Space Songs CD I wanted to leave, so I just left a penny that I found near Bette's on the way over.
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