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Moons Over Mount Hammy by DavidT21 & Fisherwoman, 06oct2004 2pm
Found after about five seconds of looking, heh. Took nothing, left a Sacajewea dollar.

Emerald Nuts by rascel, 02oct2004 2pm
Looked but did not find.

Clear Creek by Just a Short Walk, 16sep2004 5pm
Clear Creek is very nice but the cache is not near the creek! Instead it is in a location chosen by a sadist. Pushing through the brush to this cache drew blood in two spots. There ought to be a purple heart for geocachers. I took the Juicy Fruit gum cause you're not supposed to put food items in caches, but I was out of trade goods so I left nothing.

Old View of New Idria by Level_1, 16sep2004 4pm
Nice view from up here. I left an apatasaurus coin and took a poisoned art frog.

'G' Is For Ghost Town by Buxley, 16sep2004 3:30pm
This town has been on my to-do list for quite a while. I had a nice visit with Mayor Orange and then took about a hundred pictures. Symbol answer emailed.

Sniff / Safe Deposit, 17aug2004 7pm
The stage two clue had been knocked over and turned upside down, so I put it back up. Stages one and two both need to have their numbers touched up, I'll try to get to that soon. Otherwise all is well. Some nice person left a special gift for Rabbit in the cache - if you run into him, let him know.

Laughing Sal's by Haicoole and the Petaluma Navy, 11aug2004 4:30pm
Hmm, the previous finder slipped in, but didn't answer the most recent question. I'll post my find and let someone else sort it out. Sal clothes answer emailed. Safetyman's Inquest question: Bison bison. Question for the next finder: Where is the baker's oven door from?

Parrot's Perch by Dr. Zaius, 11aug2004 4pm
I saw parrots flying past but none were perching. Perhaps the local kittycat hanging out here is the reason. There's still a TB in the cache, someone should take it.

Get wired by JohnnyVegas, 11aug2004 3:30pm
Found the second part on the second try. Very good hide!

Get wired by JohnnyVegas, 24jul2004 8:20pm
Found the plaque and age easily enough, but I screwed up when copying down the instructions and so didn't find part 2. I'll try again some other time.

Piering Around by Erickson, 24jul2004 8pm
I peered around this lovely quiet spot for while before finding it.

Marin Headlands One by SpiderTracks, FrogFace & SpiderCubs, 24jul2004 6:50pm
I love this guy.

Golden Gate Cache by Beckerbuns, 24jul2004 6:40pm
My GPS was pointing exactly at one hiding place but the cache was in the next one down. It's possible someone accidentally moved it after signing, replacing it in the wrong one. I moved it to the one my GPS indicated; I suggest the cache owner come check the placement, if convenient. Also, I couldn't resist leaving a Sacajewea dollar coin, since it fit the container exactly.

The Lady from Shanghai: A LooneyTunes Movie Cache by LooneyTunes, 24jul2004 6:30pm
Didn't find it. The tide was high, that probably didn't help.

Lion's Roar by Erickson, 24jul2004 6pm
Didn't see it, but I only looked for a few minutes.

As the tide rolls away by SuMo Cyclist, 24jul2004 5:30pm
Part 1 took a while, part 2 was much easier. Took a big red plastic bolt, left a Sacajewea dollar coin.

The Marina by jagtrev, 24jul2004 4:30pm
Nice hide, it blends in nicely. Still, maybe you should spray-paint it the appropriate color.

X does not mark the spot by JohnnyVegas, 24jul2004 4:15pm
Nice simple puzzle-micro. Signed the log and left a Sacajewea dollar coin.

The Reach by jagtrev, 24jul2004 4pm
Ooo, nice container. Not sure it'll stay dry when the winter waves come though. And I still don't know what a Reach is. Took a cable car key fob and left a Sacajewea dollar coin.

Angel out in the field by DavidT21 & Fisherwoman, 24jul2004 1pm
Didn't see it. Maybe next time I come out here.

Two if By Sea by geo-shindig, 24jul2004 12:30pm
Easily found. I actually moved a few rocks around so it's not quite so obvious. Took a micro-carabiner, left a Sacajewea dollar coin.

Paris Urban Invasion by jonnytuna, 02jul2004 1:30pm
I finally got around to visiting this cache's actual location. Only spotted two aliens tho; other folks have seen three.

lettre de cachet by Stingdart, 02jul2004 12:30pm
Easily found virtual. It had just finished raining when I got there - if you look closely, you can see that the lady's nose needs wiping.

Paris Urban Invasion by jonnytuna, 28jun2004 5:30pm
Ran across another alien while making a followup visit to l'Arene de Lutece. It's right next to the back entrance to Metro Place Monge. The coordinates were: N 48° 50.671' E 2° 21.155'.

Liberty's Flame by otterbuff, 27jun2004 4pm
Found without GPS (although I had noted the general area of the cache via GPS from across the river the previous week). I was out walking with my mom and she wanted to show me "the Diana thing", which she knew was on my list of Paris sights to see. Only when we got there did I realize it was the same spot as this cache.

The Photographer's Cache VII by Markwell, 17jun2004 12:30pm
The assignment was l'Arene de Lutece, the old Roman arena in Paris. I didn't see any gladiators here but they do seem a lot more likely than Shapespeare.

Who is She? (Paris) by jstead, 16jun2004 4pm
Visited this one after a long day of walking around and taking pictures. The Ferris wheel is up again!

Bonjour de Paris by IntotheWoods, 15jun2004 1:40pm
Bonjour! I did this one solo - before I left home, I set up a little program to grab the webcam image every ten minutes. I got to the site about a minute before the next ten-minute interval, so I didn't even have to wait very long.

Paris Cash Cache by 2Muskadeers, 14jun2004 4:30pm
Couldn't find it, couldn't find it, decrypted the clue, couldn't find it, then just when I was about to give up and leave I spotted it. Took nothing, left a shiny US Sacajewea dollar coin, and snapped some great pictures. FYI the clue looked more like "Fgrvayre" than "Fgrvayrp" to me.

High on the hill by Tim & Debbie, 14jun2004 3pm
I found three things written near the cache location, so I will email all three. After caching I got some great pix on this beautiful sunny day.

View from the top of the Eiffel tower by Jack Bouska, 14jun2004 1pm
I made the obligatory visit. My favorite part is actually taking the stairs down from 2eme to the ground.

Paris Urban Invasion by jonnytuna, 13jun2004 10:30am
Ran into an alien while looking for the Méridien Zéro cache! The coordinates were: N 48° 50.199' E 2° 20.290'.

Paris Urban Invasion by jonnytuna, 09jun2004 9pm
I saw one of these almost immediately after arriving in Paris, next to the autoroute leaving CDG. Didn't get a photo or GPS reading tho.

Archived Leona Seilbahn, 12may2004
Got around to checking up on this one after two Not Found reports. It is indeed gone. That's the second time this cache has disappeared, so I'm archiving it. Just too many mundanes visiting this location.

Stay on Target by beej71, 12apr2004 6pm
Ran across this while checking up on my Sniff / Safe Deposit cache. I didn't even know someone had replaced Bullsi but there it was.

Harold and Maude by Maddy & Kent, 28mar2004 1pm
My GPS pointed off the cliff towards the ocean. When I got home I checked the coordinates, and I had entered them incorrectly - off by 0.001 degrees latitude. I'll try again some time.

Archived SF-51C, 10jan2004
evanhk reported that a GGNRA park ranger had removed the cache and left a note, so I'm archiving it. My second oldest cache! I will miss it.
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