Geocaching - Leona Seilbahn

N 37.79156° W 122.17499° / N 37° 47.494' W 122° 10.499'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

12may2004: This cache has been archived. It got stolen twice - there are just too many mundanes visiting this location.

For some background information on this area, see Steven Mix's History of Laundry Farm Canyon.

There's a lot of poison oak in the area, but only off-trail. If you stay on the trails and don't go bushwacking you'll be fine. There's a trailhead at elevation 410' and one at 880'; the cache is at 620'. It's fairly well hidden from plundering eyes, please put it all the way back in its hiding place.

The cache is a 7.62mm ammo box, painted camouflage. Please replace it exactly where you found it, pushed all the way back. Initial contents:

There's a lot of trash in the immediate area - in particular, empty spray paint cans and nozzles! You are encouraged to bring a bag and remove some. page for this cache.
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