08apr2001 Bathroom Windows

A little crafts project.

I made these stained-glass-esque window hangings for my bathroom. They are made of copper channels, soldered, filled with 70 dayglo floppy disks from Imation (magnetic media removed), plus ten pieces of old printed circuit boards for spacing.

I got the idea from a friend. She makes these stained-glass window hangings out of actual stained glass. I was admiring her creations, and she was admiring the pretty diskettes I use with my digital camera, and we got the idea to combine the two. She has also made a few dayglo diskette windows.

The parts that took the most time were:

In order to avoid soldering near the plastic diskette cases, which might melt or burn, I designed it so that I could slide the disks in from the top after the channels were all soldered. In fact the tops are still open, I could take the disks out and re-arrange them if I wanted to.

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