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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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19apr2020 Oakland
Sunday afternoon ride to Oakland and around Lake Merritt.

16apr2020 MSC Anna
Went to Oakland's Middle Harbor Park to see the MSC Anna, the largest ship ever to enter the San francisco Bay.

14apr2020 Shopping
A bike ride to the market, only a few miles out of the way. Saw some goslings!

12apr2020 Oakland
Rode through Oakland to check out the new Slow Streets; then out the Bay Bridge bike path to the San Francisco border, just to say I'd ridden in SF.

10apr2020 Richmond
Another Richmond loop, ending at a supermarket.

03apr2020 Fleming Point
Did a little leg-stretching loop around Fleming Point and Albany Beach. The new Bay Trail segment has been paved!

32mar2020 Richmond
Another long-way shopping trip, this time looping through Richmond.

31mar2020 Oakland
Went shopping the long way, via a loop around Lake Merritt. Still lots of people who don't understand Parking Protected Bike Lanes.

30mar2020 Berkeley
Visited my parents in the Berkeley Hills. The bus is free, the parks are closed.

29mar2020 El Cerrito
A little loop around El Cerrito.

25mar2020 Errands
A few quick rides up the Ohlone Greenway and back, with grocery shopping included.

22mar2020 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland and back. Despite the streets being empty due to the COVID lockdown, people still don't know how to park.

18mar2020 Oakland
First long ride in a while, due to COVID-19 lockdown.

10mar2020 Sunset
Pretty good sunset from Fleming Point.

07mar2020 Oakland
An afternoon ride after some morning rain.

05mar2020 Bulb
Visited the Albany Bulb.

04mar2020 Bike Lanes
I rode around Emeryville and SF measuring some more bike lane widths.

03mar2020 Oakland
Biked through Oakland to Coliseum BART.

02mar2020 Berkeley
Wandering around Berkeley on a warm winter day.

29feb2020 SF
A mostly sunny Leap Day in the city.

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