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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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01jun2011 Off The Grid
The first Berkeley edition of the Off The Grid street food truck gathering. Plus some interesting rusted metal things.

27may2011 Roy's Redwoods
I went to Roy's Redwoods, a Marin County park that I heard about years ago but had never before visited.

23may2011 SF
Biked Lake Merced / Great Highway / Golden Gate Park / Presidio. It was cold and windy when I started but warmed up later.

10may2011 SF
I was going to bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the headlands, but it was too foggy! Some other day. Instead I wandered around the city.

08may2011 Black Diamond
A trip with flickr friends to Black Diamond Mines, plus a quick visit to Mitchell Canyon.

06may2011 Oakland
Shot while biking home from Alameda.

04may2011 Botanical Garden
A visit to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.

02may2011 East Ridge
Rode the East Ridge Trail in Redwood Park, followed by the Lafayette-Moraga Trail.

01may2011 Richmond
Relaxed afternoon ride through indistrial Richmond.

30apr2011 Milagra Ridge
Milagra Ridge is a former Nike missile launch site above Pacifica. This time of year it is wildflower heaven.

21apr2011 SF
Wandered around the city.

12apr2011 Berkeley
On a shopping ride through West Berkeley I saw some interesting things.

2011 Tomatoes
This year's two tomatoes are a Brown Berry and a Black Cherry.

10apr2011 Great Highway
Sunday Streets on the Great Highway and Golden Gate Park.

04apr2011 Nimitz
Did a nice long bike ride all the way out Nimitz Way in the Berkeley hills.

31mar2011 Iron Horse
Sunny day! But not super hot. I biked from the new West Dublin Pleasanton BART station to Lafayette, 23 miles on the Iron Horse trail and the Lafayette-Moraga trail.

30mar2011 SF
A visit to the city to see the giant Olmec heads at the de Young. No photos allowed there though.

18mar2011 Hail
Brief but intense hailstorm!

11mar2011 SF
A sunny day and I'm nearly over a cold, so I biked around the city.

04mar2011 FNDSC
This month's meeting of the Friday Night Drinking and Shooting Club was in: Chinatown!

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