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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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09oct2007 Shoup
A tour of DDG-86, the USS Shoup.

07oct2007 Point Pinole
Bike ride to Point Pinole and back.

06oct2007 Blue Angels
The Blue Angels Saturday show.

05oct2007 Blue Angels
Fleet Week 2007 begins with a Blue Angels practice show and an A380 fly-by.

29sep2007 Sutro Baths
SFBAS had a photo meetup at the old Sutro Baths ruins.

25sep2007 Tilden
I heard there were some new piglets at the Tilden Park Little Farm so I went to see. Then I biked home the long way via Wildcat Canyon and Richmond.

19sep2007 Emeryville
I had to visit Emeryville to check on a geocache that had been reported missing (it was fine). Then I rode back through Berkeley.

11sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 8. A few pix from the drive home.

10sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 7. A long bike ride to Fort Bragg and a little bit beyond.

09sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 6. In the morning we walked at the Jughandle headlands. In the afternoon I did a sea kayak tour of some sea caves.

08sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 5. We drove 35 miles inland to visit Montgomery Woods State Reserve.

07sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 4. We explored a new area of Van Damme State Park, just south of the Spring Ranch parcel. Later we had another nice walk in Fort Bragg.

06sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 3. I biked to Russian Gulch and back.

05sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 2. Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, plus a little walk in Fort Bragg.

04sep2007 Mendocino
2007 Mendocino trip, day 1. Just a few pictures from wineries on the drive up.

29aug2007 SF
First Spare The Air Day of 2007! I took advantage of the free Muni and excellent weather by visiting Forest Hill station.

17aug2007 Ocean Beach
Went to the San Francisco Zoo, and then walked south on Ocean Beach about halfway to Pacifica.

28jul2007 Limantour
A day at Limantour Spit, Point Reyes National Seashore.

15jul2007 Filoli
My parents and I visited Filoli to check out the flowers. Afterwards we had a snack at Zott's.

08jul2007 Wildcat
A picnic in Alvarado Park followed by a ride up Wildcat Canyon.

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