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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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10may2008 Legion
A quick visit to the Legion of Honor.

08may2008 Ducklings
More ducklings! This time at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

03may2008 Maker Faire
The 2008 Maker Faire! Followed by a long bike ride down to the Dumbarton Bridge and across to Fremont BART.

30apr2008 Diablo
My dad and I went up Mount Diablo to the Juniper Campground area to see if there were any wildflowers left.

27apr2008 Ducklings
Brand-new ducklings at the Oakland Museum. Zomg teh ky00t!!

26apr2008 Willow Pass
I wanted to visit Willow Pass in Concord while the hills were still (somewhat) green.

25apr2008 Wildcat
A ride down Wildcat Canyon to look for wildflowers.

20apr2008 Rio Vista Jct.
The Western Railway Museum was running Key System bridge units so my pal Jordan and I went to look.

13apr2008 Battery Townsley
The monthly open house at Battery Townsley in the Marin headlands.

12apr2008 Martinez
A bike ride from the North Concord / Martinez BART station to the Martinez Amtrak station.

09apr2008 Mitchell Canyon
An SFBAS outing to Mitchell Canyon on Mount Diablo.

03apr2008 Leona Ruins
After visiting Leona Canyon a few days prior, I was looking at Google's aerial photos and noticed what looked like some old buildings. I had to go check it out! And afterwards, a nice long ride back to Berkeley.

2008 Tomatoes
This year's tomato plant is a Riesentraube: red cherry, 65 days, indeterminate. Supposed to be very prolific.

29mar2008 Fort Point
The SFBAS gang visited Fort Point.

26mar2008 Zoo
Went to the Oakland Zoo with my dad and a nephew. Afterwards we did a short hike halfway up Leona Canyon.

23mar2008 Wildcat
A quick ride up Wildcat Canyon on the way to Easter dinner.

20mar2008 Marin
First (official) day of spring! Took the bus to San Rafael and then rode south to San Francisco.

13mar2008 SF
Another San Francisco excursion.

10mar2008 SF
A ride around San Francisco.

08mar2008 Oakland
A ride around Oakland.

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