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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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13feb2021 Oakland
Just a quick trip through North Oakland.

12feb2021 Marin
Sunny day for a San Rafael to San Francisco ride.

07feb2021 Oakland
A shorter than usual ride to Oakland - I turned back just before Lake Merritt.

05feb2021 SF
A warm late-winter Friday, perfect for biking around SF.

02feb2021 Oakland
Spring-like day in Oakland.

31jan2021 Oakland
Mostly overcast ride to Oakland.

29jan2021 SF
A nice sunny day in SF between storms.

28jan2021 Oakland
My usual Lake Merritt ride except it was drizzling a little.

22jan2021 Sunset
Some wandering in Berkeley and Emeryville, then a nice post-storm sunset.

20jan2021 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt, including a visit to the Grand Lake Theater to see their new Inauguration Day marquee message.

17jan2021 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt.

15jan2021 SF
Another warm winter day, this time I biked around San Francisco.

14jan2021 Sunset
Another warm afternoon to watch a sunset from Albany Beach.

13jan2021 Oakland
A nice warm winter day for a ride to Oakland and back in time for sunset.

11jan2021 Mushrooms
I got a tip about a bunch of nice amanita muscaria mushrooms off Tunnel Road, so I went to see. Yep!

09jan2021 Sunset
The centered sunset viewing point has started moving back south; tonight's was at Albany Beach.

05jan2021 Oakland SF
Afternoon ride to the ferry terminal in Oakland, then to SF for a nighttime ride to see a new light sculpture.

2021 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2021.

31dec2020 Bikes with Mics
Met up with some internet radio pals to do a live radio show while biking across San Francisco! You can listen here.

30dec2020 Oakland
Rode through Oakland again, this time to the airport.

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