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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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PhotoCD 3734
1997. Some pictures of crafts projects I've made, a beach trip with people in a large hole, strange stuff on SF's waterfront, the soapbox races again, one more shot of the old Oakland train station, plus the Sacramento train station.

PhotoCD 3816
1997. NASCAR racing, the old Oakland train station, still more construction shots, a WeLL picnic, and a giant tooth.

PhotoCD 3204
1997. Bodie, a ghost town up near Mono Lake. Then a trip to Hawaii (more lava!), another ex-girlfriend, and a bunch of construction and de-construction pix.

PhotoCD 0241
1996. A bike & camera trip around Point Richmond, and Burningman 1996.

PhotoCD 0545
1996. This disc includes a roll from a sea kayaking trip using a disposable waterproof camera. Also a lot of construction-site shots, trips to Mt. Tam, Yosemite again, Arch Rock at Point Reyes, Mt. Diablo, Big Sur. Plus my collection of Hello Kitty Heads.

PhotoCD 0354
1995. Lots of outdoor pix - trips to Sunol, Yosemite, Desolation Wilderness. A photo-essay of the Bevatron. Couple of beach trips, the San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Races, and some weird houses.

PhotoCD 0105
1995. Some nature shots, a couple of my nephew Felix, an interesting reverse fog in the Berkeley hills, the old Point Molate whaling station, and one excellent picture of my cat Sid. From here until 1998 I'm using Kodachrome 64.

PhotoCD 0679
1990-1994. Still more old slides. A few Hawaii shots (lava is nifty), a bunch of friends and old girlfriends, a couple of me.

PhotoCD 0656
1987-1990. More old slides. There are some real winners in this batch. I especially like the one of Elephant Rock at sunset. The pix at Bear Harbor in the Sinkyone Wilderness area are very nice. There's the classic shot in Fern Canyon, a beautiful ice-covered tree on Mt. Hamilton, the old motor-lifeboat launch rails, the Wolf Ridge nike base, and some desert shots.

PhotoCD 0655
1984-1987. More old slides. A month-long visit to Australia, a nice aerial shot of Drawbridge, some elephant seals, more cat pix, some hiking, etc..

PhotoCD 0654
1982-1984. When I started using PhotoCD in 1995, I went through a couple thousand old slides and picked out the best 400 or so. These got scanned onto four discs to start off my digital collection. This disc has shots of some of my cats, one of me with half my hair shaved off, trips to the Yucatan and Death Valley, and some others. The film is a mix of Ektachrome 100 and Kodachrome 64.

Et Cetera
This is a catch-all category. Some pix so old I hadn't started taking slides yet. Some that I lost the slides for, and only had prints. Some shots from other people. And some one-ofs that don't merit making a whole separate subdir for.

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