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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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04aug2005 SF
An afternoon/evening in San Francisco.

03aug2005 Bordertown
In this morning's San Francisco Chronicle there was a story about an outlaw sk8 park under a freeway in Oakland, so I went to take a look. It's really quite elaborate! Caltrans is saying they want to demolish it.

31jul2005 SF
A walking visit to San Francisco with my nephew Leo.

30jul2005 International
I rode from my house to Oakland and then all the way south on International, E. 14th St., and Mission, down to Hayward BART.

28jul2005 SF
A visit to SF to see some old-fashioned sailing ships.

22jul2005 South SF
A ride up the south San Francisco waterfront, quick stop at Zeitgeist for some ciders, then home by way of West Oakland.

17jul2005 Picnic
The annual WeLL Picnic was in SF at Fort Mason this year. I didn't actually take very many pictures at the picnic, tho.

14jul2005 Amorphophallus
Another amorphophallus titanum bloom, this time at the UC Botanical Garden.

12jul2005 Point Pinole
Nice bike ride from Berkeley to Point Pinole and back.

04jul2005 SF
Spent Independence Day in San Francisco. First I visited the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. Then a softball game in Diamond Heights and a BBQ on Bernal Hill. And finally, fireworks at Aquatic Park.

03jul2005 Ray
On a ride to Point Richmond I came across these guys reeling in a big stingray.

01jul2005 Fire
Another big fire right near my house! At 8th & Camelia. This is the second near here in three days.

30jun2005 Berkeley
An afternoon ride around Berkeley, from the marina up to Tilden Park.

29jun2005 Letterman
George Lucas's Letterman Digital Arts Center opened its grounds to the public today. There's a beautiful fake mountain stream designed by Lawrence Halprin, the same guy who did Levi Plaza.

25jun2005 Rafting
A raft trip on the South Fork American, at a flow of 3300 CFS.

12jun2005 Point Reyes
My friend Chris was visiting from Utah and wanted to go for a hike, so we went to Point Reyes and walked down to Sculptured Beach. Later we drove out to the lighthouse.

11jun2005 SF
A ride across SF to the ocean and back.

30may2005 SF
Another nice long ride around SF. First stop was the Presidio, for the Memorial Day ceremony.

28may2005 SF
A nice afternoon bike ride across SF and back, from the Mission to the Castro to Golden Gate Park to Baker Beach and back through the Presidio, North Beach and Union Square.

21may2005 Mousetrap
Went to see the life-size Mousetrap near Hunters Point.

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