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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06jan2005 Bulb
A not-quite-sunny afternoon visit to the Albany Bulb.

2005 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2005.

23dec2004 Richmond & SF
I biked the route of the proposed Richmond Greenway, a.k.a. the old AT&SF railroad grade. This project has been funded for two years, I don't know why they haven't started building it yet. Later I went into SF for drinkses with friends.

22dec2004 Lindsay
A visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.

15dec2004 Hayward Shore
A ride from Coliseum BART south to the San Mateo Bridge.

12dec2004 SF
A winter ride around downtown San Francisco.

10dec2004 Aloe Plicatilis
One of my favorite succulents, in my backyard xeriscape garden.

30nov2004 West Berkeley Sunrise
Just like the title says.

27nov2004 Coliseum-Alameda
A ride from Coliseum BART back home by way of Alameda.

25nov2004 T-Day
Thanksgiving at the Poskanzer house.

19nov2004 Pleasanton-Fremont
A ride from Dublin-Pleasanton BART to Fremont BART, by way of Shadow Cliffs, downtown Pleasanton, Sunol, and Niles Canyon.

17nov2004 Streets
A few things I saw while biking up through Albany and Kensington.

07nov2004 Golden Gate
A ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with fotologgers Monika and Dan.

05nov2004 Sunrise Sunset
I happened to wake up at 6am today, so I watched the sunrise. Then at 5pm I was up at the Lawrence Hall for the sunset.

31oct2004 Oakland Hills
A beautiful sunny Halloween. I rode up Old Tunnel Road with Monika, a fotolog friend, and visited the Chabot Observatory.

29oct2004 Fall Sun
Nice warm fall day. I rode up into the Oakland hills behind the Claremont.

25oct2004 Oakland
I rode over to the Alameda County Courthouse in downtown Oakland to do early voting. On the way home I took some pictures at Lake Merritt and elsewhere.

24oct2004 Sunny
A nice sunny day after the first rainstorm of winter 2004-2005.

12oct2004 SF
I was going to visit some of the ships that were here for Fleet Week, but at the last minute the Navy changed the rules and wouldn't allow cameras on board. Poop. So instead I just rode around the city having fun.

09oct2004 Fleet Week
The Navy visits San Francisco. First the parade of ships, which I watched from the Golden Gate Bridge. Then the air show - no Blue Angels this year, but we did get the Canadian Snowbirds.

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