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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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13sep2003 SF Perimeter
A ride around the edge of San Francisco, from Embarcadero BART past the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, and south to Daly City. It was a very hot day.

13sep2003 Yellowjackets
A huge yellowjacket nest under my eaves!

01sep2003 SF
A ride along the San Francisco bayfront post-industrial wasteland on the way to a Labor Day BBQ.

29aug2003 Merry-Go-Round
The Tilden Park merry-go-round is just starting a multi-year renovation. This is a Herschell-Spillman "Menagerie", fairly rare, although the bay area has two - the other is in Golden Gate Park and was restored a few years ago.

24aug2003 Shoreline
My dad wanted to do a few miles of flat hiking, so we went to the Richmond shoreline trail.

17aug2003 Limantour
A day at Limantour Spit, Point Reyes.

10aug2003 Berkeley Hills
A ride up to the Lawrence Hall of Science to see a travelling underwater Lego exhibit, plus the new geology/hydrology playground in the back.

03aug2003 SF
Photo bike ride through San Francisco.

03aug2003 Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd Episcopal church in Berkeley was just rennovated.

26jul2003 Kites
The annual Berkeley kite festival.

24jul2003 Shoreline Art
Various artworks along the Berkeley and Emeryville shoreline, some official and some not.

15jul2003 Oakland
A ride from Fruitvale BART up into the Oakland hills and then home. Somewhere along the way I lost my wallet!

10jul2003 Point Richmond
A bike ride to Point Richmond and back.

04jul2003 SF
Independence Day ride / BBQ / fireworks.

27jun2003 Ride
I visited the new BART stations on the line to the San Francisco airport, then rode back from Daly City up the coast and around Fisherman's Wharf.

23jun2003 Di Rosa
Visit to the sculpture garden at the Di Rosa winery near Napa. We also stopped briefly at the nearby Artesa winery.

20-22jun2003 Black Rock
A weekend camping trip to the area of Burning Man, but without the 30,000 other people.

16jun2003 Ride
Afternoon ride through Emeryville and West Berkeley.

14jun2003 SF
Bike ride around downtown San Francisco and North Beach.

2003 Kitties
Another crop of kittens in my back yard this year! We had fixed and released all the local female ferals, but the mother of this batch is a newcomer.

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