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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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11aug2002 Sunset
Sunset above fog from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

28jul2002 Sweeney Ridge
Quick visit to the Sweeney Ridge Nike site to swap cameras in a geocache there.

07jul2002 Guzzler & Science
A San Francisco bike trip to the "Guzzler" slide at PacBell Park and the California Academy of Sciences, including their Skulls exhibit.

06jul2002 Windmill Remnants 2
Email from Gale Garcia pointed me at five more windmail remnants.

06jul2002 Dragon Boat
The first dragon boat arrives at the Berkeley marina.

05jul2002 Oakland
A bike ride through the Oakland waterfront.

02jun2002 Steam Trains
The Tilden Park railroad celebrates its 50th anniversary by hosting locomotives from all over.

27may2002 Abbott's Lagoon
Memorial Day at the beach.

13apr2002 Waterfront
An afternoon ride along the Berkeley/Albany waterfront. I visited the BMX course, Albany Beach which was covered with by-the-wind-sailors (jellyfish), and of course the Bulb.

11apr2002 Berkeley Public Library
The rennovated library opened a few days ago.

06apr2002 The Big Die
A cute new artwork at the Albany waterfront park.

30mar2002 Belgum Homestead
An old ranch site in Wildcat Canyon. There are at least four foundations, a nice stone retaining wall, and some fruit and palm trees and flowers.

16mar2002 Flowers
Spring blooms at the Edible Schoolyard, Martin Luther King Junior Junior High School.

08mar2002 Mission Clay Tile Works
A clandestine visit to the Mission Clay Tile Works in Niles Canyon. Lots of No Trespassing signs guard this old brickyard, but I snuck in anyway.

24feb2002 New Overcrossing
The new pedestrian/bike bridge over I80 in Berkeley officially opens later this week, but I visited to take some preview pictures.

08feb2002 Sunny Day
A beautiful sunny day after a rainstorm. I got to bike all around SF and Oakland doing errands and just enjoying myself.

02feb2002 Sunol
Bike ride from Fremont BART to Sunol Regional Wilderness for a Geocaching meeting.

jan2002 Pencil Things
I copied the idea for these from George Hart. It's a really cool geometry.

13jan2002 Henry
My nephew Henry has his 3rd birthday.

Slide CDs 9709 & 9708
December 2001. Neon signs reflected in puddles. Some of these are exquisite.

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