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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26jul2020 Oakland
My usual Oakland ride.

23jul2020 Oakland SF
Had some new bike lanes to measure so I biked to downtown Oakland, BART to SF, then rode around there too.

21jul2020 Oakland
Biked through Oakland to the Coliseum BART station.

18jul2020 Oakland
Another afternoon ride to Lake Merritt.

15jul2020 San Leandro
Nice long ride from Berkeley to San Leandro, then BART home.

12jul2020 SF
Did a west-side SF ride, up the Great Highway and around Land's End.

10jul2020 SF
A nice loop ride from downtown to the Golden Gate Bridge and back.

07jul2020 Oakland
And another Oakland ride.

05jul2020 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

04jul2020 Oakland
July 4th ride to Lake Merritt. It was fun to sit for a while and listen to the explosions.

01jul2020 SF
A long day in SF.

29jun2020 Oakland
Oakland ride to see a gigantic new BLM mural at Lake Merritt.

25jun2020 SF
To celebrate 100 days of the Stay At Home order, I didn't stay at home. I went to San Francisco and rode a loop around downtown. Also ran into a friend and we had a sandwich together!

20jun2020 Oakland
Biked through Oakland to the Coliseum, then BART home. First time I've done that since March.

17jun2020 Wildcat
After visiting my parents in the Berkeley Hills, an easy glide down Wildcat Canyon.

13jun2020 Oakland
Biked to Oakland. Saw the usual bike lane blockers.

10jun2020 Oakland
My usual afternoon ride to Oakland and back. No excitment today.

06jun2020 SF
Visited San Francisco again, this time on a weekend. BART was still not crowded. I did however run into a big crowd on the Golden Gate Bridge, a BLM march.

04jun2020 Oakland
Another visit to downtown Oakland to look at the BLM artwork.

03jun2020 Albany Bulb
Had not visited the Albany Bulb for a while. Always something new to see there.

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