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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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03feb2020 Oakland
Biked to Oakland. Flowers are starting.

02feb2020 SF
A sunny and cold day in the city. Looks like more of these are coming up. Good for biking!

31jan2020 SF
Sunny and warm day for a bike ride in SF. Tulips are blooming and Market Street is (mostly) car-free.

30jan2020 Sunset
Pretty good centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

29jan2020 Car-Free Market
Market Street in SF went car-free today!

28jan2020 Around 4
The last of these multi-day folders, I am back home now.

24jan2020 Around 3
And another batch of photos spanning a few days.

20jan2020 Around 2
Another batch of photos from Around.

13jan2020 Around 1
I haven't had a chance to post photos for a few days so these are from various places.

07jan2020 SF
A morning ride in SF.

05jan2020 SF
Totally Sunny Sunday in the city.

04jan2020 Sunset
A nice sunset from Albany Beach. The viewpoint for centered sunsets has started moving south again.

03jan2020 SF
Biked loops around north-east SF for a while.

02jan2020 Oakland
I biked one-way Berkeley to the Oakland Coliseum.

01jan2020 Richmond
A loop through Richmond.

2020 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2020.

31dec2019 New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve dinner party at my sister's.

30dec2019 SF
Another sunny warm winter day for a ride around SF.

27dec2019 Sunset
I rode to Oakland, and then back to the Albany Bulb for the sunset.

26dec2019 SF
A gloriously sunny Boxing Day in the city.

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