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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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12feb2021 Marin
Sunny day for a San Rafael to San Francisco ride.

07feb2021 Oakland
A shorter than usual ride to Oakland - I turned back just before Lake Merritt.

05feb2021 SF
A warm late-winter Friday, perfect for biking around SF.

02feb2021 Oakland
Spring-like day in Oakland.

31jan2021 Oakland
Mostly overcast ride to Oakland.

29jan2021 SF
A nice sunny day in SF between storms.

28jan2021 Oakland
My usual Lake Merritt ride except it was drizzling a little.

22jan2021 Sunset
Some wandering in Berkeley and Emeryville, then a nice post-storm sunset.

20jan2021 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt, including a visit to the Grand Lake Theater to see their new Inauguration Day marquee message.

17jan2021 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt.

15jan2021 SF
Another warm winter day, this time I biked around San Francisco.

14jan2021 Sunset
Another warm afternoon to watch a sunset from Albany Beach.

13jan2021 Oakland
A nice warm winter day for a ride to Oakland and back in time for sunset.

11jan2021 Mushrooms
I got a tip about a bunch of nice amanita muscaria mushrooms off Tunnel Road, so I went to see. Yep!

09jan2021 Sunset
The centered sunset viewing point has started moving back south; tonight's was at Albany Beach.

05jan2021 Oakland SF
Afternoon ride to the ferry terminal in Oakland, then to SF for a nighttime ride to see a new light sculpture.

2021 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2021.

31dec2020 Bikes with Mics
Met up with some internet radio pals to do a live radio show while biking across San Francisco! You can listen here.

30dec2020 Oakland
Rode through Oakland again, this time to the airport.

29dec2020 Oakland
Rode through Oakland to Fruitvale BART.

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