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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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02may2019 Oakland
A few pix on a ride to Fruitvale BART.

01may2019 SF
Spent most of the day rambling around SF, then took the Richmond Ferry home.

27apr2019 SF
Did the occasional Bikes To Books ride. But before I left, there was a hummingbird in my back yard.

26apr2019 Diablo Valley
Brunch at a diner in Pleasant Hill, followed by a bike ride to Moraga and Orinda.

23apr2019 Alameda
Biked through Oakland to the Alameda Tube, then down to the Park Street Bridge and back through Oakland again.

21apr2019 Co-Co Coast
Biked north along the shoreline to check the status of various Bay Trail segments. There's more to ride now, but still a few annoying gaps.

20apr2019 Bulb
A little afternoon exploration at the Albany Bulb.

19apr2019 SF
Spent the morning in SF measuring bike lane widths, than had a sandwich.

16apr2019 Oakland
I've been switching my Oakland rides lately from round-trips to one-way with a BART return. No particular reason. This one went to Coliseum BART.

09apr2019 SF
A sunny breezy afternoon driving (yes driving) around the city.

08apr2019 Tidewater
Rode through Oakland to the MLK Regional Shoreline, which is accessed via the most potholed road in the city.

06apr2019 Oakland
Half-sunny half-cloudy. Hoping that the rainy season is almost over.

31mar2019 SF
Another day in SF. Sunday Streets in the Excelsior, followed by riding down to the Bay Shore and north to Downtown.

30mar2019 SF
Rode around Golden Gate Park and Downtown SF looking for people parked in bike lanes.

29mar2019 SF
Longish ride in SF, plus the Richmond ferry and biking home from there.

26mar2019 Oakland
Just a few pix on an Oakland ride.

24mar2019 Oakland
Another afternoon ride to Lake Merritt and back.

23mar2019 Oakland
A longer ride through Oakland, all the way to San Leandro BART.

20mar2019 Oakland
First ride of Spring: Oakland.

18mar2019 Tennessee Valley
A hike out Tennessee Valley to the ocean.

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