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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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29feb2020 SF
A mostly sunny Leap Day in the city.

26feb2020 SF
A longish ride in SF plus a ferry trip to Oakland and ride home.

25feb2020 Richmond
A shopping trip extended into a loop through Richmond.

23feb2020 Oakland
Lots of bike lane blockers on Telegraph, then the last Golden Gate Sunset of the season.

21feb2020 Oakland SF
Biked to the Jack London Ferry Terminal, then over to SF for a little trip up Market and down Folsom.

19feb2020 SF
Lots of bike lane blockers in SF too.

18feb2020 Sunrise
An ok sunrise from the Berkeley Marina.

16feb2020 Oakland
Lots of bike lane blockers on the way to Oakland and back.

14feb2020 Sunset
One more week of centered sunset season.

12feb2020 Oakland
A ride to Lake Merritt and back.

10feb2020 Marin
My second ride across the Richmond - San Rafael Bridge and then down to SF.

09feb2020 Oakland
Super strong wind from the north today so I biked south, all the way to Coliseum BART.

08feb2020 Oakland
A nice ride to Oakland and back.

06feb2020 SF
Nice long ride in SF. Sunny and almost warm.

03feb2020 Oakland
Biked to Oakland. Flowers are starting.

02feb2020 SF
A sunny and cold day in the city. Looks like more of these are coming up. Good for biking!

31jan2020 SF
Sunny and warm day for a bike ride in SF. Tulips are blooming and Market Street is (mostly) car-free.

30jan2020 Sunset
Pretty good centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

29jan2020 Car-Free Market
Market Street in SF went car-free today!

28jan2020 Around 4
The last of these multi-day folders, I am back home now.

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