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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06aug2019 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

05aug2019 Richmond
A mini loop through Richmond.

03aug2019 Oakland
Rode to Pedalfest in Jack London Square.

02aug2019 Oakland
Another afternoon Oakland ride, but via Rockridge for a change.

01aug2019 Oakland
Biked through Oakland to Coliseum BART.

31jul2019 SF
A nice ride in SF, including a sandwich and some ice cream.

28jul2019 Oakland SF
Went out early to get some shots in Oakland that needed the sun in the east. Then took BART to SF for an afternoon ride out to Ocean Beach.

26jul2019 Oakland
Another afternoon Oakland ride.

24jul2019F SF
Did the famous Butterlap group ride in the city.

22jul2019 Oakland
Just a few pix on my afternoon ride to Oakland and back. Naked ladies are up!

20jul2019 Oakland-Richmond
BART has been testing some new types of fare gates in two stations, so I biked to Fruitvale to see one, rode the train to Richmond to see the other, then biked home.

16jul2019 SF
Had a nice ride out to SF's Ocean Beach and back.

14jul2019 SF
SF Sunday Streets in the Mission.

11jul2019 Bay Bridge
Out and back on the Bay Bridge bike path.

09jul2019 Oakland
A short ride to Oakland, BART back.

07jul2019 Richmond
A loop to Point Richmond.

06jul2019 Emeryville
A short loop ride through Emeryville.

05jul2019 Oakland
Another afternoon ride around Lake Merritt.

03jul2019 SF
Another loop ride around SF, plus ferry to Oakland.

01jul2019 SF
A nice day biking around SF, riding the new Salesforce Gondola, plus a ferry ride home.

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