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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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30apr2018 Oakland
Another quick ride to Oakland and around Lake Merritt.

28apr2018 Marin
Have not done my San Rafael - San Francisco ride in a while. It's still nice.

26apr2018 Oakland
Another loop through Oakland.

21apr2018 SF
Into SF for a Flickr photowalk in the Mission. Yes Flickr photowalks still happen, occasionally.

19apr2018 SF
Long ride around SF, including a climb up Twin Peaks.

17apr2018 Oakland
Another afternoon ride to Oakland.

16apr2018 Oakland
A quick afternoon ride to Oakland and back.

13apr2018 SF
A nice sunny day for a ride around SF.

11apr2018 SF
Today was National Submarine Day so I did a patrol of SF taking photos of submarines.

07apr2018 SF
Cloudy day after a two-day rain storm.

03apr2018 SF
All-day ramble around SF, including a visit to the baseball park to watch a bit of the home opener!

01apr2018 Point Pinole
Biked to Point Pinole, hiked around, and biked home.

31mar2018 Oakland
A quick ride through Oakland.

29mar2018 Oakland
Reprise of the overcast ride a week ago, this time on a hot sunny day.

23mar2018 Richmond
Nice partly-cloudy day for a ride through Richmond.

21mar2018 Oakland
An overcast, humid day. Not my favorite conditions for either photography or bike riding, but I went out anyway.

19mar2018 Alameda
The Posey Tube between Alameda and Oakland was closed to repair a sinkhole, but the bike path on the side was still open so I went to see. It was sooooo quiet down there without traffic.

14mar2018 Oakland
Went to see some new mural work by Mark Bodé.

13mar2018 Sutro Baths
An overcast walk at Sutro Baths.

11mar2018 SF
First ride of Daylight Time 2018. It was still a little bit light out when I got home at 8pm!

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