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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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23jul2018 Oakland
A few pix at the Albany Bulb, and a ride to Oakland.

19jul2018 Sacramento
Took the train to Sacramento because I wanted to ride the monorail at the State Fair.

17jul2018 Oakland
Another afternoon ride around Lake Merritt.

14jul2018 SF
A ride along the bay shoreline in SF.

13jul2018 Oakland
Another ride to Jack London Square and back. Saw some tubes.

11jul2018 Oakland
After a few days off biking because of an issue with my right hand, I'm back in the saddle.

07jul2018 Berkeley
A few pix in the Berkeley hills.

06jul2018 SF
A warm evening ride in SF.

05jul2018 Oakland
Biked through Oakland the day after Fireworks Day. Guess what? Fireworks garbage.

03jul2018 SF
Medium-long ramble in SF, out to the beach and back to downtown.

02jul2018 Oakland
Fog and wildfire smoke has made Berkeley frigid for the past few days but Oakland was almost sunny, so I rode there to see a gilded pipe I had read about. Yes that's real gold.

30jun2018 Berkeley
Finished off the month of June with a bike ride up to my parents' house. That's 15 logged rides in 30 days. Six were a ~15 mile loop through Oakland, the rest were longer. I probably rode a little bit on most of the other 15 days too.

28jun2018 Oakland
Rode through Oakland as far as Fruitvale BART.

23jun2018 SF
Nice long loop ride on a nice hot day.

21jun2018 Solstice
First day of Summer! I went to a retirement celebration for my 8th grade computer teacher Ms. Russ, biked to Oakland, then went to see the BARThenge solar alignment.

19jun2018 El Cerrito
A casual loop through the El Cerrito foothills.

18jun2018 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland. Saw some nice old cars.

16jun2018 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland. Also dinner at the newly re-opened Original Da Nang!

15jun2018 Fitzgerald
Tidepooling at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

13jun2018 SF
An evening ride in SF.

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