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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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07oct2017 Hornet
A friend had a birthday party on the USS Hornet. We could see the Fleet Week air show in the distance.

06oct2017 Fleet Week
More Fleet Week activities - the Parade of Ships, and the first air show.

04oct2017 Moonrise
Full moonrise right at sunset, from the Berkeley Marina.

03oct2017 Fleet Week
Fleet Week 2017 kicks off with a tour of the USS Essex.

01oct2017 SF
Rode to three different street fairs in SF today. I think next weekend has even more. Plus a good sunset.

30sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Jack London Square and back.

28sep2017 SF
Did a bike lane patrol ride in SF. As usual, lots of blockers.

24sep2017 Birthday
My grand-nephew-in-law's 4th birthday party at Codornices Park.

23sep2017 SF
First full day of Fall, and a really nice one. I biked from Ocean Beach back to the Bay.

21sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back.

19sep2017 SF
An afternoon in the city.

17sep2017 Berkeley
A ride up the hill to my parents' house.

15sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back.

14sep2017 SF
Quick evening trip to SF for a People Protected Bike Lane on Valencia.

09sep2017 SF
A day in SF, including Muni Heritage Weekend and a guacamole party.

03sep2017 Bulb
A nature walk at the Albany Bulb.

02sep2017 SF
Another super hot day so of course I biked Bay / Ocean / Bay again. This time I got a little crampy. Fun tho. Also, a pretty good sunset!

01sep2017 SF
Biked Bay to Ocean to Bay on the hottest day in SF history. Achievement unlocked!

30aug2017 South Bay
Drove my sister to the airport and then took the long way home, down El Camino Real.

27aug2017 Rally
Huge Berkeley counter-rally to some lame-ass Nazi trolls who mostly didn't even show up.

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