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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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13mar2018 Sutro Baths
An overcast walk at Sutro Baths.

11mar2018 SF
First ride of Daylight Time 2018. It was still a little bit light out when I got home at 8pm!

06mar2018 Bike Lanes
Did a survey of protected bike lane widths in San Francisco.

21feb2018 SF
A long ride around SF, in the opposite direction I usually go.

18feb2018 Berkeley Hills
Some sights in the Berkeley Hills.

17feb2018 Oakland
Long ride through the Oakland hills. I wanted to try a burger joint called Sparky's. It was just ok.

15feb2018 SF
Another sunny day in SF.

13feb2018 Wildcat
Biked up Wildcat Canyon to the Little Farm to see the eleven new piglets.

12feb2018 Oakland
The mid-winter heat wave has ended, now it's a nice normal sunny and brisk. I think that one bank temperature display was off.

10feb2018 Sunset
One more try at the sunset/Farallon lineup, but: clouds.

09feb2018 Sunset
Another nice sunset from the Lawrence Hall. No Farallones though.

08feb2018 Sunset
Golden Gate sunset from the Lawrence Hall of Science, with bonus Farallon silhouette.

07feb2018 SF
After a week of 70°F temperatures in February, the tulips have popped up.

06feb2018 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, and a Berkeley Marina sunset.

05feb2018 Sunset
Pretty good sunset from the Berkeley Yacht Club.

04feb2018 Tennessee Valley
A nice hike in Tennessee Valley in Marin.

03feb2018 Sunset
Couple of bike lane blockers in Oakland, then a nice Golden Gate sunset.

01feb2018 Oakland
A mid-winter heat wave is starting. I rode to Oakland and back in 70°F weather.

30jan2018 SF
Tried a newly-built mountain bike trail near Laguna Honda Hospital in SF. It's really cool! Also a nice moonrise, and a lunar eclipse shot.

28jan2018 SF
Nice long ride from Daly City through Colma, South City, Brisbane, and back to SF.

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