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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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23aug2018 Oakland
I skipped biking for a few days because of all-day fog. Today sunnied up about halfway. Not so much fog as smoke from wildfires.

17aug2018 Oakland
An evening ride to Oakland. The usual people behaving badly (TM Stanley Roberts), plus some rowers on Lake Merritt.

15aug2018 Transbay
First real visit to the new Transbay Terminal.

14aug2018 Oakland
Did my afternoon bike ride to Lake Merritt and back. Found one more Stomper statue - the Mystery Stomper whose location was not specified.

11aug2018 SF
Had planned to go to the new Transbay Terminal's Open House, but it was so crowded that they closed the building. Hmph. I'll go see it some other time. Aside from that, a nice sunny day for a ride across the city.

10aug2018 Last Stomper
I got around to tracking down the last Stomper statue on my list, at the Oakland Zoo. Well, there are still eight that I have located but are inside buildings - I skipped those for the first pass. And one that I have no clue as to its whereabouts. But: last Stomper!

06aug2018 SF
Still not quite warm enough for an Ocean Beach ride so I biked from Balboa Park back to downtown SF.

03aug2018 SF
A half-sunny day in San Francisco.

25jul2018 SF
Nice long ride around the city.

23jul2018 Oakland
A few pix at the Albany Bulb, and a ride to Oakland.

19jul2018 Sacramento
Took the train to Sacramento because I wanted to ride the monorail at the State Fair.

17jul2018 Oakland
Another afternoon ride around Lake Merritt.

14jul2018 SF
A ride along the bay shoreline in SF.

13jul2018 Oakland
Another ride to Jack London Square and back. Saw some tubes.

11jul2018 Oakland
After a few days off biking because of an issue with my right hand, I'm back in the saddle.

07jul2018 Berkeley
A few pix in the Berkeley hills.

06jul2018 SF
A warm evening ride in SF.

05jul2018 Oakland
Biked through Oakland the day after Fireworks Day. Guess what? Fireworks garbage.

03jul2018 SF
Medium-long ramble in SF, out to the beach and back to downtown.

02jul2018 Oakland
Fog and wildfire smoke has made Berkeley frigid for the past few days but Oakland was almost sunny, so I rode there to see a gilded pipe I had read about. Yes that's real gold.

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