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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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14oct2017 SF
The smoke plume from the fires up north looked like it was just barely missing SF so I risked a ride. I could definitely feel it right at Ocean beach but inland was ok. And later, a sunset.

13oct2017 Dinner
Dinner at my sister's.

11oct2017 Sunset
Some misc. photos from the past few days, then a bloody smoky sunset.

08oct2017 Fleet Week
Another Blue Angels air show.

07oct2017 Hornet
A friend had a birthday party on the USS Hornet. We could see the Fleet Week air show in the distance.

06oct2017 Fleet Week
More Fleet Week activities - the Parade of Ships, and the first air show.

04oct2017 Moonrise
Full moonrise right at sunset, from the Berkeley Marina.

03oct2017 Fleet Week
Fleet Week 2017 kicks off with a tour of the USS Essex.

01oct2017 SF
Rode to three different street fairs in SF today. I think next weekend has even more. Plus a good sunset.

30sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Jack London Square and back.

28sep2017 SF
Did a bike lane patrol ride in SF. As usual, lots of blockers.

24sep2017 Birthday
My grand-nephew-in-law's 4th birthday party at Codornices Park.

23sep2017 SF
First full day of Fall, and a really nice one. I biked from Ocean Beach back to the Bay.

21sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back.

19sep2017 SF
An afternoon in the city.

17sep2017 Berkeley
A ride up the hill to my parents' house.

15sep2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back.

14sep2017 SF
Quick evening trip to SF for a People Protected Bike Lane on Valencia.

09sep2017 SF
A day in SF, including Muni Heritage Weekend and a guacamole party.

03sep2017 Bulb
A nature walk at the Albany Bulb.

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