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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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09sep2023 Oakland
A longer than usual ride through the Port of Oakland.

05sep2023 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland / ferry / SF ride.

02sep2023 SF
A nice ride on the Great Walkway and back through SF.

01sep2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

29aug2023 Oakland/SF
Rode through Oakland to Jack London Square, took the ferry to SF, then rode around there too. I ended up running my e-bike's battery down to zero!

20aug2023 SF
A group ride to Ocean beach, followed by a solo ride up Twin Peaks.

13aug2023 Oakland
My first long bike ride in a while. I've been recuperating from a crash.

30jul2023 SF
Did my usual Ocean Beach ride but on my new e-bike. It was a lot easier and faster. I'm gonna have to resurrect some longer rides that I used to do.

27jul2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

25jul2023 Berkeley
A quick loop ride for lunch.

24jul2023 Richmond
A little loop through Richmond and back along the shoreline.

23jul2023 Big Bounce
The largest bounce house in the world came to visit Golden Gate Fields.

22jul2023 SF
Finally got a sunny-to-the-beach day so I went out to the Great Highway.

21jul2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

20jul2023 Oakland
Rode to Oakland to get some noodles.

16jul2023 Limantour
Beach day! At Limantour Spit, Point Reyes.

14jul2023 SF
Did bike lane patrol on Valencia Street, and also hung out with my brother in the line for the Dead & Co. concert.

13jul2023 Iron Horse
I got tired of the cool weather by the Bay so I went inland and rode the Iron Horse Trail from Walnut Creek to Dublin/Pleasanton. Almost got heat exhaustion but it was fun.

11jul2023 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland / ferry / SF ride.

09jul2023 SF
First Ocean Beach ride in a while.

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