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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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05oct2015 SF
A ride in the city. Fleet Week is starting!

01oct2015 SF
An afternoon ride out to Ocean Beach.

27sep2015 SF
A day in the city, including the Market Street Railway's annual Heritage Weekend.

26sep2015 Sunset
Another good Fall sunset.

25sep2015 Shoreline
Biked south along the bay shoreline to San Leandro.

24sep2015 Sunset
Another nice sunset, from Albany Beach.

23sep2015 SF
First day of Fall, wandering around the city, plus a nice sunset.

20sep2015 Drake's Beach
A day at Drake's Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore.

15sep2015 SF
Wandering the city.

11sep2015 Sunrise
Some nice clouds at sunrise.

08sep2015 SF
We're in the middle of a heat wave so I biked to Ocean Beach to cool off a little.

07sep2015 Misc
Some pix while wandering around Oakland and Berkeley.

03sep2015 Bay Bridge
Another ride out the Bay Bridge bike path. They are making good progress on dismantling the old bridge.

30aug2015 Beach
A visit to Limantour Spit at Point Reyes.

27aug2015 Marin
Did my occasional ride from San Rafael to San Francisco.

25aug2015 SF
Mostly sunny day riding around the city.

19aug2015 Baseball
Athletics vs. Dodgers. Athletics won. #BaetLA

18aug2015 Point Pinole
Biked to Point Pinole.

17aug2015 Oakland
More vehicle logos in Oakland.

15aug2015 SF
A super hot day in SF.

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