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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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08oct2016 Bulb
A hot day at the Albany Bulb.

07oct2016 Fleet Week
More Fleet Week and Market Street Prototyping Festival fun.

06oct2016 Fleet Week
Another day of Fleet Week fun, plus the Market Street Prototyping Festival has started.

05oct2016 Oakland
Lunch in Oakland at the just-opened Habit Grill.

04oct2016 Fleet Week
2016 Fleet Week commences! Only one ship in so far.

01oct2016 Bay Bridge
Rode out the Bay Bridge bike path to check on the last bit - it looks done! Which means it'll sit there blocked off for a few more months before officially opening.

30sep2016 SF
A sunny and mild afternoon ride in the city, followed by a nice sunset.

28sep2016 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland and back.

26sep2016 Oakland
A ride through Oakland on a super hot day.

24sep2016 SF
It's Muni Heritage Weekend in SF.

22sep2016 Lane Blockers
More people parking in the Telegraph Avenue bike lanes.

19sep2016 Oakland
Another ride to downtown Oakland and back. Still getting lots of people parking in the bike lanes.

18sep2016 SF
Super warm day! I biked out to Ocean Beach.

16sep2016 SF
Into the city to visit a political art installation at the old bunkers near the Golden Gate Bridge.

13sep2016 SF
A day in SF with my mom. We saw the Kubrick exhibit at the Jewish Museum, and the Fred Lyon exhibit at the Leica store.

07sep2016 Oakland
Lunchtime ride through oakland; burger at Blackberry Bistro in Glenview.

05sep2016 SF
An afternoon ride in the city, punctuated by a really good burger at Sam's.

02sep2016 Two Ferries
I took the ferry from SF to Tiburon, biked back to SF, then took another ferry to Oakland and biked home. Phew!

31aug2016 SF
Another warm sunny day, so I enjoyed it in the city.

29aug2016 Oakland
Ride to Oakland and back.

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