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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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04jun2014 South Hayward
Biked all the way from Berkeley to South Hayward BART for some reason.

03jun2014 El Cerrito
Another ride through the El Cerrito hills.

01jun2014 Bay Bridge
Another Sunday ride out the Bay Bridge bike path.

31may2014 Palo Alto
Visiting my brother in Palo Alto.

27may2014 SF
A visit to Coit Tower, because the murals were just restored. They are very nice.

26may2014 SF
Was going to bike out to Ocean Beach but it was too windy and cold! So insteead I turned inland and rode along the city's southeast shoreline.

25may2014 Limantour
A day at the beach.

22may2014 East Oakland
I tried a new route through East Oakland - Bancroft. It's actually pretty good for biking.

20may2014 Canal
Rode the western half of the Contra Costa Canal Trail, from Walnut Creek to Pacheco. It was not that interesting.

18may2014 Bay Bridge
Another Sunday visit to the Bay Bridge, followed by biking all the say to San Leandro BART for some reason.

17may2014 El Cerrito
Some pix while riding up into the El Cerrito hills.

13may2014 SF
A heat wave was forecast so I biked out to Ocean Beach. It didn't actually get super hot though. Maybe tomorrow.

11may2014 Bay Bridge
Another Sunday visit to the Bay Bridge bike path to see how the demolition of the old span is coming.

09may2014 Sign Hill
A long ride from Downtown SF through Daly City and Colma to Sign Hill in San Bruno. Return via ferry.

06may2014 Marin
A ride from San Rafael to San Francisco.

04may2014 Bulb
A walk at the Albany Bulb with my brother.

01may2014 Mitchell Canyon
A visit to Mitchell Canyon to see wildflowers, of which there were many. The weather was pretty hot but I stayed hydrated.

29apr2014 SF
A little heat wave prompted me to do an Ocean Beach ride.

27apr2014 Bay Bridge
Another Sunday afternoon ride out the Bay Bridge to see the growing gap. Along the way I noticed some excellent feral irises growing in a drainage ditch next to the Bay Trail.

23apr2014 Headlands
The Marin Headlands, all the way out to Point Bonita. The wildflowers are peaking.

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