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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06apr2016 SF
All-day ride in the city, with some shots of new public art after dark.

04apr2016 Iron Horse
Biked the Iron Horse Trail all the way from Concord to Fremont.

01apr2016 SF
The long-delayed SF crab season is finally open, so I went into the city to see all the yummy cuties.

29mar2016 Marin
Nice long bike ride from San Rafael to San Francisco.

26mar2016 SF
Another long ride in the city, checking up on bird's nests.

24mar2016 Richmond
A few pix on a long loop ride to Richmond's Hilltop area and back.

23mar2016 Oakland
A few pix meandering through Oakland.

22mar2016 SF
Start of another sunny spell. Lots of new flowers popping up!

15mar2016 SF
A longer and sunnier ride in the city after BEING ON THE RADIO. Well, internet radio. A two-hour interview on the Burrito Justice League show.

14mar2016 SF
Got out for a short ride in the city after what seemed like a solid week of rain.

07mar2016 Bay Bridge
Visited the Bay Bridge Bike Path again.

01mar2016 Castro Valley
Biked from Berkeley to Castro Valley. Return via BART.

25feb2016 SF
A long day biking around the city, including some recently uncovered ruins on Ocean Beach.

21feb2016 SF
A sandwich in SF, plus tulips.

20feb2016 Bay Bridge
Another look at the old Bay Bridge demolition. And on the way back, one of the last Golden Gate centered sunsets of the season.

15feb2016 SF
Another warm technically-winter day in the city.

13feb2016 Botanical Garden
A visit to the UC Botanical Garden. Things are starting to bloom.

09feb2016 Sunset
Golden Gate sunset from the Berkeley Marina. Plus a few pix in Oakland the next day.

07feb2016 Marin
Rode San Rafael to San Francisco. Once the Super Bowl started the streets really cleared out.

06feb2016 Sunset
Sunset from LHS.

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