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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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12feb2015 SF
Super sunny winter day in the city.

09feb2015 Logos
Lots of nice car and truck logos on the way to Point Richmond and back. Plus a few misc photos.

02feb2015 Sunset
Centered sunset from Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley.

01feb2015 Bay Bridge Sunset
A few sunset shots from the Bay Bridge bike path.

29jan2015 SF
A sunny warm winter day in the city.

24jan2015 Logos
A nice selection of vehicle logos seen while biking to Oakland.

23jan2015 Devils Slide
Walking the new Devil's Slide trail with my parents.

20jan2015 Bulb Tides
King Tides at the Albany Bulb.

17jan2015 SF
Biking around the city.

13jan2015 Sunset
A nice sunset from Fleming Point.

11jan2015 Bridge Closed
Second day of the Golden Gate Bridge being closed to install a lane divider.

10jan2015 Bridge Closed
Day 1 of the Golden Gate Bridge being closed to install a movable lane divider.

05jan2015 Richmond
A loop through Richmond.

04jan2015 Sunset
A Spare The Air Day sunset from the Albany Bulb.

2015 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2015.

31dec2014 SF
One last 2014 ride through the city.

28dec2014 Sunrise Sunset
A year-end sunrise and sunset.

25dec2014 Miller Trail
Took Amtrak to Martinez just to ride the new George Miller Regional Trail. Then continued back via San Pablo Avenue, Appian Way, San Pablo Dam Road, and Wildcat Canyon Road.

23dec2014 Marin
A ride from San Rafael to San Francisco to see the King Tides. And get lunch at Fish.

22dec2014 Berkeley
In and around my home town.

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