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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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07dec2014 FTBB
The local blac bloc has been jumping in front of unrelated demonstrations again. Why do the real activitists keep letting them do this? Don't they realize how bad it looks?

27nov2014 Thanksgiving
A bike ride to see the new BART Oakland Airport Connector and work up an appetite, followed by the traditional feast.

23nov2014 SF
The weather is turning cooler but there are still plenty of nice days to explore the city.

16nov2014 Sunrise
Best sunrise of the year contender! From the Berkeley Marina.

15nov2014 Crab Day
Opening day of the San Francisco commercial crab season.

14nov2014 Berkeley
Tootling around my town.

09nov2014 Bay Bridge
Sunset on the Bay Bridge. This is only the second time I've been at the end for sunset. Once deconstruction is done and the path is open 24/7 that will be easier.

08nov2014 SF
A trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, then a ride around the city.

05nov2014 Marin
A ride from San Rafael to SF.

02nov2014 Sunsets
A couple of sunsets from yesterday and today.

29oct2014 SF

26oct2014 SF
World Series game 5!

25oct2014 Bay Bridge
Biked out the Bay Bridge bike path to eat a sandwich.

24oct2014 SF
Watched part of World Series Game 3 from McCovey Cove, then played with Soma again.

17oct2014 Treasure Island
A Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club visit to Treasure Island.

16oct2014 SF
A ride from Daly City BART back to downtown SF, followed by watching THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT.

101112oct Fleet Week
Three days of Fleet Feek. The Blue Angels are back!

06oct2014 SF
Wandering the city during game 3 of the Giants / Nationals NL Division Series.

0405oct2014 Oakland
Two rides through Oakland, one to Dimond Canyon and the other to Drake's Barrel House.

02oct2014 Lake Lights
Lunch in SF, and later a look at a new light sculpture at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

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