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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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11apr2023 Wildcat Canyon
Biked down Wildcat Canyon to look for wildflowers. Surprisingly there are few so far. Maybe next week.

09apr2023 SF
The year's first really warm day. T-shirt weather, finally! I went out to Ocean Beach.

06apr2023 Oakland
My typical ride to Lake Merritt.

02apr2023 SF
Did a group bike ride on Slow Streets.

31may2023 SF
A nice afterrnoon in the city.

27mar2023 Oakland
Biked around San Leandro Bay on the way to Coliseum BART.

25mar2023 SF
We finally got a day warm enough to bike in shorts and sandals. I went out to Ocean Beach.

23mar2023 Oakland - SF
Bike ride to Jack London Square, ferry to SF, then a little loop.

17mar2023 Oakland
Another ride around Lake Merritt, plus a ferry ride to SF to get a free Chips-It.

15mar2023 SF
Sunny day, almost warm, perfect for a bike ride out to Ocean Beach. Spotted the first iris of the year. Shorts weather soon!

13mar2023 Oakland
Afternoon ride to but not around Lake Merritt. It got really warm!

10mar2023 SF
A sunny-ish day after a huge rainstorm.

05mar2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, plus some extras.

01mar2023 SF
Sunny but cold day for an Ocean Beach ride.

24feb2023 Oakland
An afternoon Oakland ride and a not-quite-centered sunset.

23feb2023 SF
Super cold day but I biked out to Ocean Beach anyway.

18feb2023 SF
I circled through the Presidio to see the new-ish Slow Streets gates. There are a lot!

15feb2023 Lineup
An attempt at lining up the Golden Gate, Southeast Farallon Island, and the sunset.

14feb2023 SF
A little ramble around the city on a super cold day.

12feb2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, much like yesterday's.

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