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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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07mar2014 SF
Warm sunny almost-spring day in San Francisco.

02mar2014 Turkey Sex
Right in front of my house!

27feb2014 SF
There was a window of mostly sunshine between two rain storms, so I took advantage of it with a bike ride out to Ocean Beach.

23feb2014 Sunol
A nice day for a 6.2 mile hike in Sunol. The hills were half green.

22feb2014 Logos
Another nice set of car and truck logos, seen while biking to the Oakland Museum and back.

21feb2014 SF
Gorgeous sunny day in the city.

17feb2014 SF
Hadn't been out to SF's Ocean Beach for a while. It was sunny, windy, and chilly, but the wind was not picking up sand so it was ok.

16feb2014 Berkeley
A nice long walk in the Berkeley hills. There are a few signs of spring.

11feb2014 Logos
Another batch of car and truck logos from the streets of Oakland.

01feb2014 SF
Another day enjoying, I mean feeling horribly guilty about, this warm sunny California winter.

30jan2014 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt and back.

25jan2014 SF
A sunny day ride out to Fort Point, where the Civil War re-enactors were having fun.

24jan2014 Sunset
A good sunset from the Berkeley Marina, plus some miscellaneous shots.

21jan2014 Sunset
A quick sunset ride around the Berkeley waterfront, including a visit with one of the local burrowing owls.

19jan2014 Bay Bridge
I got to tour-guide some relatives out the Bay Bridge bike path. Plus a bunch of nice car and truck logos.

14jan2014 SF
Enjoying another warm winter day in the city.

06jan2014 Sunrise
A dramatic winter sunrise seen from the Berkeley bike/ped bridge by Aquatic Park.

01jan2014 King Tide Day
A nice New Year's Day biking around SF, bracketed by a super high tide in the morning and a super low tide at sunset.

2014 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2014.

30dec2013 Oakland Logos
Another ride through Oakland finding old car and truck logos. Oh and some pears.

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