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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26nov2013 Sunset
A nice sunset from Indian Rock.

23nov2013 Puddle
Playing with a puddle on the Oakland waterfront.

21nov2013 SF Neon
Went into the city for a lecture on neon signs, after which I was inspired to take some neon shots of my own. Also some other misc. shots which I hadn't got around to posting.

16nov2013 Berkeley
Some sights while biking up to my parents' house to do a Google Maps API house call.

15nov2013 SF
Another day in SF. Still sunny and warm in mid-November!

13nov2013 SF
A nice autumn day in the city.

08nov2013 Bridge, Fog
The Bay Bridge in thick fog.

05nov2013 Waterfront
A ride along the waterfront to Oakland and back, just in time to see a centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

04nov2013 Bay Bridge
Another Bay Bridge ride.

02nov2013 Party
A big party for my sister's 25th wedding anniversary and my nephew's 21st birthday.

01nov2013 SF
I had an urge to bike out to Seal Rocks for the sunset.

30oct2013 SF
Things I saw in the city while biking around to various liquor stores, looking for just the right bottle of whisky.

25oct2013 FNDSC TL
The Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club returned to its beloved Tenderloin dive bars.

23oct2013 Logos
On a ride through Oakland, I saw a bunch of nice old car logos.

20oct2013 Oakland
Another Bay Bridge bike path ride, then back through Oakland.

19oct2013 Corn
Close-ups of some Indian corn that I got at Berkeley Bowl.

14oct2013 Paradise
I got around to doing the Paradise Loop for the first time - a famous bike route in Marin.

13oct2013 Berkeley
Out and about in my home town.

11oct2013 Oakland
A ride out the Bay Bridge bike path and back through Oakland.

04oct2013 SF
The Diablo Wind was blowing. 80 degrees in SF. I went to the beach.

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