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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06jun2012 SF
A totally sunny day in San Francisco. I biked Ocean Beach to downtown. There's still a lot of sand on the Great Highway!

03jun2012 SF
Another day in the city, including Sunday Streets on Valencia.

01jun2012 SF
Biked the Great Highway - there's a whole lot of sand! - and through Golden Gate Park.

30may2012 Nimitz
The USS Nimitz departs. Also a baseball game.

29may2012 SF
Went into SF to see the USS Nimitz departing, but they delayed a day. No problem, I had a nice ride anyway.

27may2012 SF
A quick visit to the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th birthday party. Also: cygnets!

26may2012 SF
A long day of biking and photos in San Francisco, including the departure of the USS Iowa.

23may2012 Berkeley
Back and forth across Berkeley for an errand.

22may2012 SF
From Daly City BART to Downtown SF via the coastline. Started out foggy, ended up sunny and windy.

20may2012 Eclipse
A partial solar eclipse!

18may2012 East Bay Errands
I set out with a few specific photos in mind, and of course shot some more en route.

16may2012 South Bay
I did a spur of the moment ride from Union City BART to Coyote Hills and then across the Dumbarton Bridge to Palo Alto. Home on Caltrain. I was hoping it would be warmer in the south bay but not really.

12may2012 Picnic
The Nth Annual Guess Where SF picnic at El Polin in the Presidio.

11may2012 SF
A visit to Golden Gate Park.

08may2012 SF
Was planning to ride along Ocean Beach but it was too foggy and windy and freezing there, so I just noodled around the north-east waterfront.

06may2012 Sunday Streets
San Francisco's Sunday Streets program visits the Mission four times this year, starting today.

04may2012 Battery Yates
Rode over the Golden Gate to Battery Yates to look for wildflowers. Not a good year for them.

28apr2012 Doyle Drive
Doyle Drive, the elevated highway connecting Lombard Street to the Golden Gate Bridge, is being demolished this weekend. Photo op!

23apr2012 Occupy Farm
Some Occupiers took over UC Berkeley's Gill Tract yesterday and are planting crops.

21apr2012 Mission
An official flickr photowalk in the Mission district, to see the murals.

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