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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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30jun2012 TI
A flickr photowalk on Treasure Island.

28jun2012 Two Trips
Biked through Berkeley in the morning and Oakland in the afternoon.

27jun2012 Fire
The house just over my back fence burned down!

25jun2012 Dumbarton
This little walk has been on my to-do list for a while: the old Dumbarton rail crossing as far as the first swing bridge. This has been unused for 30 years now. Only one mile each way but it's an amazing slice of wildlife and industrial ruins.

24jun2012 SF
Another ride in the city.

23jun2012 Bar Mitzvah
My nephew Henry had a bar mitzvah in Palo Alto.

19jun2012 South City Loop
On the Oyster Point Ferry ride a few days ago I noticed that the route went just offshore of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The evening run had a bad sun angle so I went back this morning to get better pix. Then from the ferry I biked south past SFO and then west and north, around San Bruno Mountain and back to downtown SF. Whew!

15jun2012 Ferry
A long bike ride from downtown SF to the new Oyster Point ferry, then a visit to the St. George distillery in Alameda.

12jun2012 SF
A fairly quick ride in the city.

09jun2012 Marin
A photowalk in Marin County, including Stinson Beach and Cataract Falls.

08jun2012 Richmond
A little loop around Richmond.

06jun2012 SF
A totally sunny day in San Francisco. I biked Ocean Beach to downtown. There's still a lot of sand on the Great Highway!

03jun2012 SF
Another day in the city, including Sunday Streets on Valencia.

01jun2012 SF
Biked the Great Highway - there's a whole lot of sand! - and through Golden Gate Park.

30may2012 Nimitz
The USS Nimitz departs. Also a baseball game.

29may2012 SF
Went into SF to see the USS Nimitz departing, but they delayed a day. No problem, I had a nice ride anyway.

27may2012 SF
A quick visit to the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th birthday party. Also: cygnets!

26may2012 SF
A long day of biking and photos in San Francisco, including the departure of the USS Iowa.

23may2012 Berkeley
Back and forth across Berkeley for an errand.

22may2012 SF
From Daly City BART to Downtown SF via the coastline. Started out foggy, ended up sunny and windy.

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