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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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28oct2012 Bird
A bird whacked into a window in my back yard.

25-27oct2012 Oakland
Two similar afternoon bike rides to Lake Merritt and back, plus three different Golden Gate Sunsets.

22oct2012 SF
Lunch in SF, a ride to Fort Point, and then a visit to the ballpark during the final game of the National League pennant series! Go Giants!

21oct2012 SF
Last Sunday Streets of the year, in the Excelsior.

17oct2012 Oakland
A ride to Lake Merritt for lunch, and later the first Golden Gate centered sunset of the season.

16oct2012 Richmond
An afternoon ride out the Richmond Greenway to Point Richmond and back.

15oct2012 SF
A ride from Daly City back to downtown SF, ending at the ballpark where the Giants were pounding the Cardinals into submission.

14oct2012 Castro Valley
Did a nice long ride all the way to Castro Valley. Only a few pictures but they are nice.

13oct2012 SF
After the first rainstorm of the fall, sunny days are back for a while.

07oct2012 Fleet Week
More Fleet Week 2012.

06oct2012 Fleet Week
The Blue Angels return to SF for Fleet Week 2012.

03oct2012 Hovercraft
Fleet Week 2012 kicks off with a hovercraft landing at Ocean Beach.

02oct2012 Oakland
Afternoon bike ride down Foothill and MacArthur in Oakland.

30sep2012 Ocean Beach
The SF Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Farewell Ride, from the Mission out to Ocean Beach.

29sep2012 Oakland
Another open house at the 16th Street train station in Oakland. Plus, a family dinner for my mom's birthday.

26sep2012 Misc
A few random pix from the last few days.

22sep2012 Martinez
Home in the afternoon and looking for a bike ride to do, I checked out the Capitol train schedule, jumped on the 2:09 to Martinez, and biked back to Berkeley.

21sep2012 Shuttle
In the morning, the last flight of a Space Shuttle ever - a tour of California on the way to Los Angeles. And in the evening, the first official Fall Sunset of the year.

18sep2012 SF
Another ride from Daly City BART back to SF, this time along the Great Highway because: no fog today.

14sep2012 SF
An afternoon ride from Daly City BART back to downtown SF.

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