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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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19jan2013 Tennessee Valley
My sister wanted to go see the recently-collapsed arch at Tennessee Valley, so we went for a walk. Later, a nice sunset.

18jan2013 SF
Nice long bike ride out Mission and El Camino all the way to San Bruno, then to the Oyster Point ferry, over to Jack London Square, and home on San Pablo Ave. Whew!

17jan2013 Engine
Richmond Pacific locomotive 423.

15jan2013 Sunset
A sunset from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

12jan2013 Berkeley
Hanging out in Berkeley with my brother Harold. We hiked Strawberry and Claremont Canyons, went to the UC Botanical Garden, and visited the studio of a friend of his.

10jan2013 SF
Sunny and COLD day in SF.

09jan2013 TL
Did some walking around in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, looking at street art. I'll probably go again on a sunnier day and re-shoot here.

07jan2013 Sunset
A nice sunset from Albany Beach.

06jan2013 SF
Not quite sunny but I went for a ride in the city anyway.

04jan2013 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back, followed by a sunset from Indian Rock in Berkeley.

02jan2013 Oakland
A ride through Oakland down to San Leandro BART.

2013 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2013.

30dec2012 De Young
A visit to the De Young Museum, followed by lunch at John's Ocean Beach Cafe.

29dec2012 Sunset
A nice one, from Mad Mark's Castle again.

28dec2012 Free Muni
To celebrate its 100th birthday, San Francisco's Municipal Railway was free today.

27dec2012 Butterflies
A visit to Ardenwood to see the monarch butterflies. Not as many this year.

26dec2012 Sunset
Another sunset from Mad Mark's Castle, with a bonus kayak capsize.

25dec2012 Xmas Dinner
Non-denominational Christmas dinner at my parents'.

24dec2012 Richmond
A nice day for a ride through Richmond's industrial wasteland.

19dec2012 Fish.
I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to Fish. in Sausalito, to get some crab Louie for lunch.

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