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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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10aug2012 FNDSC
The Friday Night Drinking and Shooting Club does Jack London Square. Also, unveiling Matt Cain's perfect game plaque.

06aug2012 Fire
Chevron's El Primero refinery in Richmond blew a seal and had a big fire.

05aug2012 SF
Long ride around the SF perimeter.

03aug2012 SF Oakland
Lunch in SF and a ride home through Oakland.

01aug2012 Column
An old concrete column at the Albany Bulb.

29jul2012 South City
A ride around the south side of San Bruno Mountain, through South San Francisco, and then back to downtown SF.

28jul2012 Berkeley / Richmond
A ride to the Berkeley kite festival in the morning, and then a ride along the Richmond waterfront in the afternoon.

26jul2012 SF
I had two destinations in SF today: the "International Orange" art installations at Fort Point, and the Hughes Mining Barge which is moored at Treasure Island for a while.

22jul2012 Cocktails
Sunday Streets Bayview, plus my friend Jeff had a birthday party at St. George's Distillery in Alameda.

20jul2012 Fairyland
Children's Fairyland in Oakland had one of their occasional grownup events.

19jul2012 Iron Horse
A ride on the Iron Horse Trail from Walnut Creek to Dublin. Along the way I ran into the Hot Summer Nights classic car show.

17jul2012 SF
A nice day after three days of fog; I biked the SF perimeter.

14jul2012 Randall
A visit to the Randall Museum in San Francisco.

11jun2012 Oakland
A ride to Oakland, around Lake Merritt, and back.

07jul2012 Santa Cruz
A day trip to Santa Cruz and points nearby.

05jul2012 Bulb
A little ride around the Albany Bulb.

03jul2012 Fireworks
Richmond always does their fireworks show a day early.

30jun2012 TI
A flickr photowalk on Treasure Island.

28jun2012 Two Trips
Biked through Berkeley in the morning and Oakland in the afternoon.

27jun2012 Fire
The house just over my back fence burned down!

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