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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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21mar2012 SF
Spring is officially here, finally, and after a couple days of 40°F weather it was nice and sunny today. I took a long meandering ride through the city.

12mar2012 Alameda
I wanted to make a quick trip to Alameda to get some pix of the old ferry San Diego, but it turned into an all-day ride.

11mar2012 Turkeys
Seven turkeys in my back yard!

08mar2012 Berkeley
Biked through UC Berkeley, to the Botanical Garden, and up Centennial Drive.

07mar2012 SF
Sunny and a little breezy today, but still very nice bike riding weather.

03mar2012 SF
Rode along the Embarcadero and through the Presidio to the Golden Gate.

02mar2012 Nature Area
A visit to Tilden Park's Little Farm and Nature Area.

20-24feb2012 New York
My first real visit to New York City as an adult.

19feb2012 Berkeley
Visited the burrowing owls at Cesar Chavez Park, plus various other springtime sights.

10feb2012 FNDSC
A few photos from February's Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club outing to the Castro.

08feb2012 Berkeley
A ride up to my parents' house, then the Golden Gate sunset from LHS.

04feb2012 SF
A long ride through Daly City, Colma, South San Francisco, Brisbane, and San Francisco proper.

02feb2012 SF
A nice warm day for a ride across SF.

27jan2012 Sunset
A nice not-quite-centered sunset from Indian Rock.

27jan2012 Glass
Some macro shots of glass.

26jan2012 Sunny
After a couple days of rain, the warm sunny days are back. This is the best winter ever, so far anyay.

21jan2012 Berkeley
A few pictures while biking to my parents' house.

20jan2012 Rainy SF
We finally got some rain here.

16jan2012 SF
A nice sunny winter day for my first outing with my new camera - a Panasonic DMC-FZ100.

04jan2012 Point Reyes
A visit to Pierce Point and McClure's Beach at Point Reyes.

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