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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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30nov2011 SF
The crab strike finally ended, so I went into the city to get crab Louie for brunch.

26nov2011 SF
Went into the city to visit the Macy's / SFSPCA kittens!

24nov2011 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house.

16nov2011 Occupy Cal
A visit to the Occupy Cal camp in Sproul Plaza. Plus a sunset.

13nov2011 Station
Another open house at the 16th Street train station in Oakland.

12nov2011 SF
Another ride around the city, including Lake Merced, Ocean Beach, and Golden Gate Park.

10nov2011 SF
Lunch in SF. Plus a visit to Occupy Oakland on the way home. Just after someone got murdered there. And some bonus sunset shots from the previous day.

08nov2011 Sunset
Not-quite centered sunset from the Berkeley marina, followed by shots of lights reflecting off the unusually calm water.

04nov2011 Richmond
Biked to Point Pinole to look for over-wintering butterflies. Didn't see very many tho.

02nov2011 Ladybugs
I went to see the ladybugs again, hoping for better light this time.

01nov2011 Sunset
Tonight's Golden Gate centered sunset was visible from the end of the Berkeley pier, one of my favorite viewpoints.

29oct2011 Berkeley
A few pix around Berkeley, starting at the University Art Museum.

28oct2011 Busy Day
First to Richmond to see the battleship Iowa arrive for some repairs before it heads down to San Diego to become a museum. Then by bus to San Rafael, to photograph a couple of signs. Then south to Sausalito, a quick ice cream break, and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Dinner at Off The Grid Fort Mason, visits to Occupy SF and Occupy Oakland, and a nice ride home up San Pablo.

27oct2011 Sunset
A quick trip out to the Berkeley Marina for today's centered sunset.

26oct2011 Sunset
I biked way up into the Oakland hills to get a nice sunset viewpoint. On the way up I found some ladybugs starting their over-winter huddle early.

23oct2011 SF
The last Sunday Streets of 2011, on 24th Street and Valencia. Also a nice sunset.

22oct2011 SF
Hot day in the city! I biked up Twin Peaks and Mt. Sutro.

21oct2011 Occupy Oakland
I wanted to see what was going on at Occupy Oakland. It's a lot bigger than Occupy SF. Not as many fun signs though.

15oct2011 Occupy SF
My nephew Leo wanted to visit the Occupy SF protests so we went to a march.

14oct2011 Half Moon Bay
Epic bike ride from Colma BART to Half Moon Bay.

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