Photography Usage Policy

People occasionally ask to use one of my pictures, or a portion of one of my pictures, on their web site. Generally this is ok, and I don't charge for it. However, there are certain rules you must follow.

To use one of my photos on your web site, you must first copy the .jpg file to your own site, so that I don't get hit with the bandwidth. You may resize or crop it if you like. As credit, you should provide a link back to the original .html page on my site. This link can be by just clicking on the image itself if you like, or if you prefer you can put some explanatory text below it and make that the link. For example, if the picture you want to use is, then you could use the following HTML:

<a href=""><img src="d3816i0069.jpg"></a>

That makes the picture itself into the link back to my site. Or, something like this:

<img src="d3816i0069.jpg">
Photo by <a href="">Jef Poskanzer</a>.

Note that in both cases, the link goes to the .html page, not to the .jpg; this is important.

If you want to use my pictures in print media, that's possible too. I have higher-resolution versions of almost all of the pictures available. Let me know which specific shots you want, and I'll consider your offer.

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