ACME Labs Maps

Here's a list of all the map applications available from ACME Laboratories:

Paris Star Forts
Paris is surrounded by a ring of large forts built in the mid-1800s.
Transpac 2005 Tracks
Boat tracks from the July 2005 Long Beach - Honolulu race.
Metro Map
Map and route-finding for Paris's subway system.
ACME Planimeter
Measure areas by clicking the perimeter points.
Jordan's Outline Maker
An add-on for a home air traffic control radar system.
USA Hot Springs
Displays data for 1,661 hot springs around the USA. Mainly written to demonstrate my Clusterer object.
ACME GeoRSS Map Viewer
Displays GeoRSS files, which let you define your own custom maps as simple XML files instead of writing JavaScript code.
Golden Gate Sunsets
Shows locations from which you can view the setting sun exactly in the middle of the Golden Gate. This is also a sample GeoRSS map.
Bay Area Tunnels
Pedestrian/bike, road, and train tunnels around the Bay Area.
East Bay Express: Taste 03Apr2019
The Express's pull-out Taste section for April 3rd 2019.
Telegraph Bike Lane Blockers
Locations where I've photographed people blocking the Telegraph Avenue bikelanes.
UC Berkeley Plaques
Informational plaques on and around the University of California Berkeley campus. Another GeoRSS map.
ACME Mapper
General purpose high-precision map application.
Two Maps One Scale
View two different locations at the same zoom level, to compare sizes.
Shows where you currently are. That is, it exercises the geolocation feature, on devices which have it. It's fun to use in moving vehicles.

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