ACME Updates

03aug2018 New Maps

I have finished converting all twenty-two ACME maps from Google Maps API to Leaflet.js. Let me know if you run into any problems.

To recap: on 15 July, Google raised prices on the Maps API by 14x, and lowered the free allowance by 30x. This means my cost for providing maps would have gone from $0/month to $1000/month. After waiting a couple weeks to see if Google would come to their senses, I started converting to Leaflet. I expected this to take months but I ended up finishing in one week. Yay!

Leaflet turns out to be much nicer to work with. The API is simpler, the files are smaller, the maps go faster. I have not yet found a satellite tile provider that is as detailed as Google's, but I'll keep looking; the one I'm using is ok for now. I've also found a few new map types, such as an administrative boundaries overlay. Adding map types is much easier in Leaflet.

A quick advertisement: If you have Google Maps API maps and also want to convert them to Leaflet, hire me! Low rates, quick work. Drop me a line.

Also, I want to thank all the people who have written comments & emails during the transition period. It has been great hearing all the different ways people use the various ACME maps, from finding hiking routes to measuring crop fields to just exploring. Lots of folks have asked how they can help support the maps effort. I have had a donation page for a long time. I just updated it to have a Patreon link as well as PayPal. I'm not suggesting that you should donate, but so many people have said they want to donate that I thought I'd mention it. Everyone remains welcome to use the maps with or without donating!

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