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My choices for the top motherboard manufacturers, plus selected recent boards:

Excellent mid-to-high-end server boards. They like the ServerWorks chipsets, which provide 64bit/66MHz PCI slots. They also put SCSI on many of their boards. They don't like Athlons though.

Excellent boards for the workstation and server segments. They also use the ServerWorks chipsets in some of their boards.

Good quality mid-range boards. One of the most popular manufacturers among the do-it-yourself crowd.

These folks make a whole lot of pretty good boards.

A small manufacturer with some great server boards.

Microstar / MSI Lots of fine boards, frequently updated.

Another large manufacturer, also popular with the do-it-yourself folks.

Cheap and reasonable quality.

Some other manufacturers:

For more specific recommendations, check out the ACME Motherboard Finder. A good source for the latest motherboard news is

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