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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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29sep2005 Ski Jump
Went over to San Francisco to see Jonny Moseley's birthday ski jump fest on Fillmore St.

28sep2005 Richmond
I went on a long zig-zag ride through Richmond, taking pictures of signs and stuff.

22sep2005 Sunset
A few pix of a nice sunset from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

16sep2005 Crab Floats
I've been collecting these for years, and ran across them while cleaning out my garage.

11sep2005 Stroll
Got a few nice pix at the 2005 Solano Stroll.

10sep2005 Marin Headlands
The eventual goal of today's ride was Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands, but I made a few stops on the way there.

04sep2005 North Coast
My parents had an urge for fresh oysters so we went on a day trip to Marshall, Tomales, and Bodega Bay.

03sep2005 Oakland Hills
Nice long ride up to the Roberts Recreation Area in the Oakland Hills for a Geocaching picnic, then south to Lake Chabot, then north on MacArthur through East Oakland.

01sep2005 SF
Went to SF in the evening for a Flickr meetup.

29aug2005 Hills
My brother-in-law and I did a very long ride through the Berkeley and Oakland hills.

25aug2005 Berkeley
A long afternoon ride around Berkeley and up into the hills.

14aug2005 Limantour
A cloudy day at the beach.

06aug2005 Alameda
A ride around Alameda, including the old Naval Air Station and the Western Aerospace Museum.

04aug2005 SF
An afternoon/evening in San Francisco.

03aug2005 Bordertown
In this morning's San Francisco Chronicle there was a story about an outlaw sk8 park under a freeway in Oakland, so I went to take a look. It's really quite elaborate! Caltrans is saying they want to demolish it.

31jul2005 SF
A walking visit to San Francisco with my nephew Leo.

30jul2005 International
I rode from my house to Oakland and then all the way south on International, E. 14th St., and Mission, down to Hayward BART.

28jul2005 SF
A visit to SF to see some old-fashioned sailing ships.

22jul2005 South SF
A ride up the south San Francisco waterfront, quick stop at Zeitgeist for some ciders, then home by way of West Oakland.

17jul2005 Picnic
The annual WeLL Picnic was in SF at Fort Mason this year. I didn't actually take very many pictures at the picnic, tho.

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