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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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14jan2001 Wolf Ridge
A hike up to the old Wolf Ridge Nike missile radar site.

05jan2001 Marina
Couple of shots of the Berkeley marina area at dusk.

05jan2001 Butterflies
Monarch butterflies clustering on Albany Hill.

28dec2000 Sunset
A really nice winter sunset.

16dec2000 Hike
Cats, and a hike up Strawberry Canyon.

09nov2000 Orbit
Some friends get together for drinks at the Orbit Room in SF.

02nov2000 Fall 2
More fall colors, flowers, and fruits. Also some shots of stained glass at the UC Greene & Greene house.

28oct2000 Birthday
Felix's 8th birthday, at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

24oct2000 Fall
Fall colors start to show, fruits and vegetables are ripe.

14oct2000 Rosie
The Richmond waterfront and the new Rosie the Riveter memorial.

08oct2000 SF
A walking tour around downtown SF, including Frank Lloyd Wright's circle building and the Blue Angels.

30sep2000 Tam
Biking up Mt. Tam.

24sep2000 Parade
The annual How Berkeley Can You Be parade, with art cars.

23sep2000 Chili
The WeLL's annual Chili Fest.

20sep2000 Owl
The WeLL's Owl Conference gathering at Bateau Ivre and Geo. Kaye's.

06sep2000 Metropolitan
A beautiful old Nash Metropolitan down the street.

13aug2000 Beach
A trip to Abbott's Lagoon.

06aug2000 Martinez
Leo's 4th birthday party, in Martinez, followed by a bike ride back to Berkeley.

15jul2000 Picnic
Bike ride to and from the annual WeLL picnic.

09jul2000 Beach
A trip to Abbott's Lagoon.

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